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Why parents take photos and videos of their kids all the time

What could be the reason why parents have to take pictures and videos of their kids all the time? The real reason behind it will strike you.

It may sound cliche but kids grow up too fast. They do. I always say it on my posts because it’s the way I perceive it.

It seems that she was a newborn yesterday, the next thing I know, she’ll be turning one next month.

Like all moms, I am obsessed with taking photos and videos of my kid. Why? Others might think, “nilamon na ng sistema” or “nilamon na ng social media” 

The question is, could this be true? Do we take snaps so we’ll have something to post on social media? (Let us not set aside the fact that parents occasionally wanted to brag about their kids, but that is not the topic today) The answer is no. The real reason behind it, is parents wanted to document every single chapter of their kid’s life. Every firsts – first smile, first laugh, first word, first trick, first step (Oh God. I am crying right now). We wanted to document our everyday lives, so as when they grow up, we’ll have something to look back to. We can reminisce how tiny our kids were, how we did back in the days, what our everyday routine were, how our kids looked, how sweet their giggles were, how adorable their tantrums were, how sweet they were, how they needed us and how they cannot live WITHOUT us.

We wanted to remember how our lives with our little ones were.

Even as early as now, as I look back at my phone’s gallery, I’d be sentimental over the simplest things I’ve captured.

There are times that I’d forgot that certain things happened until I saw a photo or video of us.

Last night, Olivia was playing on our bed. She’s so innocent and sweet. I was staring at her for a good 3 minutes or so, then I took my phone and recorded what she was doing. While doing it, I was silently asking God, “Lord, please don’t make me forget this” 

I humbly ask Him the same thing every time I see something so precious.

I simply do not want to forget. We wanted to remember how everything felt and look like.


  1. Mommy Ciara u made me cried with this article..
    I am also a Mom who really loves to take photos of my kids (4). Every capture we made is important to us. And I want not to forget every moment of their lives.. Every milestones, the smiles in their faces, the crying and crankiness time.. It will always and be forever in our hearts.

    1. Hi, mommy Lou. Yes. Time flies so fast and these photos and videos make us travel back in time and remember how they look like exactly and what happened on that certain day or time. Hayyyy ang bilis ng panahon…

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