It’s always great to take a break from work and travel with the whole family. However, it would be much greater when you visit a place and everybody gets to enjoy the entire duration of the trip. If you’re looking for a place like that, look no further. Cebu has it all! With different sights and activities fit for people of various personalities, Cebu has become one of the go-to destinations of families. Here are some of the things that you and your family can do:


Mactan Water Sports

The island of Mactan is home to resorts offering water sports and other ocean activities. Start your trip with an exhilarating activity such as a banana boat ride. You can also try jet ski, parasailing or wakeboarding. If you are more of a nature loving person, you can opt for snorkeling and have an island picnic with the whole family. The costs of the water activities can be on the steep side. Luckily, there are Cebu tour packages that includes water sports activities, transportation and meals making it affordable.


Cebu City Tour

Get to know more about Cebu as you immense yourself in its history and culture in a private city tour. You’ll be visiting historical landmarks such as Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, Santo Nino Basilica Church and Museum and the Taoist Temple. There are tour providers that offer city tour packages. Some can be just a half day trip while others could take a day depending on the number of sights you’ll be visiting.

Simala Shrine

Start your trip early as the family’s going to head down South. Simala Shrine should be the first destination on your list. Simala Shrine serves as a monastery for the monks. People come to this place to pray for guidance, healing, safety or to ask for the fulfilment of their wishes. Cap of your visit to this place by having lunch at Carcar. This is where you’ll find the best lechon in Cebu.

Swimming with Whale Sharks

One of the most interesting activities you can do in Cebu is to swim with the whale sharks or ‘butanding’ as what most people in the Philippines call it. Take advantage of Cebu whale shark watching packages. Meals, transportation and a local guide is included in most packages ensuring that your family will have a hassle-free experience. Also, don’t forget to bring proper swimming attire.

Sumilon Island

Not far from the whale shark watching activity is Sumilon Island. Sumilon Island has clear blue waters and white sand. You and your kids will surely love the place. There is also a resort in the island where you can stay and rest. The resort in the island also offers fun activities for the family and a spa for relaxation.

Those are the places to visit and activities that your entire family can do when in Cebu. So, what are you waiting for? Book a flight now and contact a reliable tour provider for a private trip and worry-free experience.

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