Quite a fraction of the millennial population (those who were born between 1981 and 1996), young professionals, newlyweds, and starting family, opt to live in a condo. Common reasons would be for convenience, lesser travel time to their workplace, and the availability of facilities and amenities. However, prices of condos in the heart of CBDs is just sky-high.  The least expensive one you can find on the listing nowadays is 7 Million for a single bedroom unit.

Here’s a tip, and you can thank me later hehe, if you want a condo within the Metro, choose the ones that is not in the Central Business District. Choose the ones that’s a few minutes away from the prime locations – still near your workplace and you can still get to enjoy the perks of lesser travel time.

And I know just the property that perfectly fits this criteria – Camella CoHo. CoHo means Condo Homes. CoHo doesn’t just take pride with their affordable units, but also the kind of lifestyle they offer. Imagine living in a home that is near everything. Wherever there’s a CoHo, you can be rest assured that other developments such as malls, supermarkets, coffee shop, bake shop, and restaurants are brought there as well.

All these are accessible to CoHo residents:

All Day Supermarket  – Buy everything you need for your home here – groceries, toiletries, etc.

Gastroville and Paluto in All Day Supermarket – Whenever unit owners do not have the time or energy to prepare meals, they may always buy freshly cooked food here.

Bake My Day – For sweet and pastry cravings.

All American – Dine in or have American food to go.

Mall – VistaMall with luxurious interiors and state of the art technology.

Vista Cinemas – Treat yourself or your loved one to a movie date in VistaMall’s world class cinemas with reclining seats and MX4D technology. The said technology enables you to feel and even smell what happens in the movie. Amazing, huh? It’s like you really are a part of the film you’re watching.

Coffee Project – Hailed as the most Instagrammable coffee shop in the Philippines. Relaxing ambiance, astonishing interiors, sumptuous meals, coffee and beverages taste so good. Whenever residents need quiet time, me time, meet some friends, or maybe a workspace, they can handily go to Coffee Project for those.

Just a side story, we dined in Coffee Project after the CoHo launch yesterday for dinner, and my husband had a small talk with an American guy. The latter said that he loves the interiors of the said coffee shop and wishes for more shops like it. Must be really impressive, yes?

All Home – Whenever you’re eyeing something for your home, or maybe thinking of a unit upgrade, All Home sure has got you covered. The thing that amazed me the most with All Home is that one can avail services of an interior designer FOR FREE – seeing that all the items, furniture and fixtures for their home will be bought from All Home. Imagine that? How much does a service of an interior designer cost? And you can get it all for free here.

We toured these establishments and tasted their meals. While doing so, I felt like living in a developed country.

All the comforts and conveniences in life are accessible to CoHo residents.

Talk about the price? I mentioned earlier that prices of units from CoHo are very reasonable. A single bedroom unit (30 sqm) costs less than 2.8 million. And oh, I must say, what separates the unit alone apart from the other condos with the same floor area is that it’s square, compared to the usual rectangular 1 bedroom condo unit that makes it hard for us to design and save space.

All these boils to a redefined Condo living, agree?

For more info, please visit Camella’s website

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