Wear Metallic Dresses Like You’re A Fashion Pro

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Everyone seems to be opting for outfits that sparkle these days, and who wouldn’t? Sequins and metallic dresses have made numerous appearances in various celebrity events. Metallic pieces worn by our favourite personalities, from stunning suits in golden hues to silver mini dresses, inspire new fashion choices.

Still, for those who are not convinced about wearing metallic outfits thinking that it’s very difficult to pull off, check out the following ideas that will make you shine like a star on prom night:

1. Metallic Bodycon Dress

If you didn’t know yet, you can actually look sexy without showing off too much skin. With a properly fitted dress that flatters your figure, you certainly can. Wear a bodycon metallic dress and you’ll definitely achieve that sexy appeal. Try a black bodycon dress with various interesting cuts, like a one-shouldered sleeve.

2. Metallic Mini Dresses

A relatively easy to pull off metallic outfit is a mini dress – one you would likely wear to a cocktail-themed party. A metallic mini dress makes the wearer look good without comprising comfort. A semi-sheer metallic mini dress paired with black or silver open toe heels is an excellent outfit idea. 

3. Black Metallic Dress With Black Heels 

A knee-length black metallic dress is a relatively low profile look for metallic hues and is a great way for conservative dressers to try on something new. Cap the outfit with a pair of pointed toe leather high heels in black for an elegant appeal.

4. Black And Bronze/Silver/Gold


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Step out of the comfort zone, albeit very gradually, by opting for a black dress with metallic prints. Peaches Boutique brings you 2019 Jovani prom dresses that feature long black gowns embellished with metallic hues of bronze, silver, and gold. These sophisticated designs ensure that you wear a dress that will be as memorable as your prom night.

You can wear a pair of black leather heels to appear taller and leaner. Choose jewellery similar to the metallic hue on your dress. For example, wear a bronze bracelet if the dress features bronze embellishments. Complete the look with a stylish black leather purse, or find one with similar prints.

5. Shapely Metallic Dress Styles

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If you can find a metallic dress with a gathered or cinched waist style, then you can opt for this variant in order to look shapelier and leaner. If you don’t find one, then go for a subtle belt. You can create the illusion of a shapelier figure by adding the belt to highlight your waistline and make it more obvious.

6. An Element Of Leather

Adding in some leather element to your metallic ensemble gives it a stylish upgrade. Think of a light leather jacket layered over a metallic slip dress or a pair of leather heels or boots. Unexpected garment textures, such as cracked leather, may also be a good style add-on for metallic dresses. 

7. Accessories And Makeup

 Make sure you choose the right amount of accessories to add to the metallic dress sparkle so you don’t look overwhelmingly shiny. It is desirable to also tone down your makeup. For example, you can accessorise a black metallic dress with simple silver jewellery and wear only light makeup for a polished overall look. 

8. Metallic Hues And Other Colours

To cap these recommendations off, here’s a quick and easy to remember hack on colour combinations for metallic dresses. As a rule of thumb, the yellow-toned metals (gold, rose gold, and bronze) are best paired with warm colours and earth tones. White, silver, grey-coloured metals are best paired with cool colours like navy blue.

The above ideas should help you out on how to rock a metallic prom dress and be the star at prom.

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