If you are a traveller who wants to travel with ease and style, then, Wanderskye is perfect for you.

Wanderskye is a premium travel accessories company with the objective of bringing fun and unique products crafted with creativity and made with quality. Each product is made to add personality to your travel life!

I’ve got the pleasure to try a couple of their products, an infinity bag and reversible luggage cover.

this reversible luggage cover costs 1,895 pesos only. But wait, you may use my code to get 10% off. Code is wanderskye x ciara – Use it to buy via their website www.wanderskye.com

Things I love about this – Okay, wait, my husband and I used to work at the airport and we know how things go there. Luggage go missing, they get left behind, they get misclaimed and so on.

So, what I love about this Wanderskye reversible luggage cover:
1. Design – It’s striking, unique and can easily be seen and distinguished at the airport’s baggage claim area (carousel).
2. Fabric – it’s super thick and keeps your baggage from dust, stains and wear and tear or if you have a hard case, it protects it from cracks and bruises.
3. No tanim bala – You don’t have to pay for that plastic wrapping thing at the airport to keep your luggage safe from tanim bala. Plus, you’d also end up saving money and mother nature.
4. Reversible – you can easily change sides whenever you want to. Use this side if you want to make a bold statement or use the other side (plain black) if you want a more sophisticated look.

5. Keeps luggage intact
6. Designed by Filipino artists

Now, the infinity cover. This infinity cover costs 595 pesos only and yet again, you can get this at 10% by using my code – wanderskye x ciara

It’s a foldable bag cover that keeps your bag safe rain or shine especially if you have a luxury bag – Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Analeena, Hermes, etc .

1. Set

2. Place bag inside

3. Pull drawstrings

4. Clip flap closure
Shipping in the Philippines is FREE shipping for orders P500 and up

P 95 for orders below P500, andP 150 for Express Delivery (Same Day within Metro Manila, for orders placed not later than 2:00 PM)

You may order through their website www.wanderskye.com

Wanderskye started as an online shop and sure has made a long way already with their products available over 140 retail stores in the Philippines including shops in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and USA.

Now, get ready to jack up your style with Wanderskye!


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