Unique Engagement Ring Traditions from Around the World

The many cultures and societies that make up our world have unique features on every aspect of life, including the traditions when a man promises marriage to a woman. Human partnerships are celebrated in many different ways, and with that in mind, here are a few engagement ring traditions that you might not know about.

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  • Worn on the Right Hand – While people in the US, UK and Canada wear the engagement ring on their left hand, there are countries that wear the ring on the right hand, namely, India, Russia, Germany and Norway. Right or left hand, check out the wholesale diamonds that Brisbane shops offer their customers, which you can set on a custom engagement ring.
  • Ambidextrous in Chile – Both the Chilean man and woman will wear the engagement ring on their right hands, and once they are married, they switch to the left hand, while Argentinian couples only wear an engagement ring, doing away with the wedding ring altogether.
  • Traditional Hindu Cultures – It is quite normal for a girl to wear her engagement ring on one of her toes, although more and more Hindi women are now preferring the Western style of a finger engagement ring.

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  • Native American Indians – They prefer a silver ring that is usually adorned with jade or turquoise, or another semi-precious stone. Silver has always been the favourite metal for native American Indians, who use silver in very creative ways.
  • Scandinavian Cultures – In most Scandinavian countries, both the man and woman wear a simple gold or silver band that they exchange, which signifies their intention to marry. This tradition goes back to the Viking days, when the man and women would exchange precious stones after they agree to marry each other.
  • Irish Hearts and a Crown – The Irish have long had a tradition of an engagement ring with two hearts and a crown, and until the marriage, the woman wears the crown pointing towards her, only to wear it the other way around after the wedding ceremony.
  • Chinese Culture – There has never been the giving of an engagement ring in Chinese culture, rather the bride receives money and gifts, and while this tradition still holds today, many young Chinese couples prefer to adopt the Western practice of giving a diamond engagement ring.

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  • Asian Pure Gold – Asian cultures much prefer pure gold when making jewellery, and as 18 and 22 carat gold is soft and malleable, it is often given by the husband to his bride, and the young couple would receive many gold items as a token of good fortune for a prosperous future.


  • Of course, no one is really tied to any tradition, and by searching online for a reputable jeweller that specialises in engagement rings, you can choose something that you both like. Whether or not the man wears an engagement ring is purely down to personal choice, and more and more men are wearing an engagement and wedding ring, just like their partners. Search online for a reputable jeweller, who can supply you with the perfect pair of engagement rings that you will cherish forever.

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