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Tupperware Pak A Lot | Pack everything with ease, travel is a breeze

Are you travelling often? On-the-go? Or maybe you have an OCD and wanted everything to be neat and organized? Let me do the honors of introducing the Tupperware Pak A Lot to you.

It has a virtually air tight seal making it a perfect food storage. Me, I personally use the Pak A Lot for our cereals or fruits. And yes, it definitely helps us a lot in organizing our home.

Now, since we are always on the go, whether we go for staycations, events, daily errands or hoping from our north home to south, Tupperware Pak A Lot and the square rounds make travelling easier for us. Come on, we know how travelling with kids is – seems like we bring our whole closet with us haha. Hence, we fancy anything that would make travelling a breeze.

These Tupperware storage solutions actually are all around. Aside from storing food, they’re also perfect for sorting vitamins, medicines, toys, art & crafts materials, and other items.

For when we’re out with our extended family (on the Magallanes side, we, actually are a big family haha and yes, the more, the merrier!) we can store our drinks there, put some ice and voila cold drinks to quench our thirst!

Another thing that I can think of a perfect use for the Pak A Lot is it can be a breast pump and breastmilk storage. Breastfeeding moms just have to put ice in it, and since it’s virtually air tight seal, the breastmilk may be stored safely in there. The breastpump parts, on the other hand, can be placed in the square rounds or rectangulars.

I remember when I used to pump (this was way back when Olivia’s still a newborn), I would bring a container with ice and put my pumped breastmilk there so just I can transport my them safely, but I ended up disposing everything left after a few hours. Had I known Pak A Lot before, I’d travel with ease.

More things to love about Tupperware Pak A Lot:
1. Its capacity is 8.7L so can you just imagine how much can you put inside?
2. It has a detachable cariolier – making it easy to transport and easy grip

More things to love about the square rounds and wonder rectangulars:
1. Manufactured with food-safe materials
2. Virtually air-tight seals
3. Great for storing raw or cooked food, fruits and vegetables
4. Rounded corners allow efficient cooling
5. Stackable design maximizes fridge space
6. Polished windows for easy viewing of contents
7. Scratch-resistant bases

Pak A Lot is available in 3 colors – Purlicious, Popsicle and Lupine, for only 1799 each
And the Small Square Rounds (P239); Medium Square Rounds (P289) and; Mini Wonders Rectangulars (P179)

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