TupperClean by Tupperware Brands is a line of cleaning products. The line of products include dishwashing liquid, furniture polish, air freshener, toilet bowl cleaner, steel and copper shiner, multi-purpose liquid cleanser, laundry detergent and fabric softener.

I’ve got to try the TupperClean laundrymate powder detergent and Soft N Clean fabric softener myself (well, my husband, Daddy Diaries, and I for that matter)

Tupperware Tupperclean soft n clean fabric softener laundrymate powder detergent

We have been using TupperClean laundry care for almost two weeks now and our clothes have been smelling fresher, looking new and soft since then. To be honest, my husband does the laundry more often than I do haha shout to my husband.

Being a full time mom and working mom (Simultaneously. Yes, I am a full time hands-on mom without helper but a working mom, too, and it’s possible because I work for my parents’ business hehe) who does errands and travels from city to city almost everyday and squeezing in blog related stuff, it is adamant that I look sharp for client meetings. Hence, the way we present ourselves matter. Our clothes matter. They have to be wrinkle free, smelling fresh and always looking new. And these are all achieved thanks to the effectiveness of TupperClean products.

Tupperware Tupperclean laundrymate powder detergent

First we use the TupperClean powder detergent that comes in 800g

  • Formulated with stain-fighting enzymes for fast and easy cleaning
  • Washed clothes come out smelling clean and fresh with its improved scent
  • Efficiently cleans your laundry, allowing you to save time and energy
  • Comes with a 40 g scoop inside

Tupperware Tupperclean soft n clean fabric softener

Afterwards, we use the TupperClean fabric softener that leaves clothes irresistably soft, smooth, fresh and clean all day. Soft N Clean fabric softener prides its “Power of 4”

  1. Softens – Makes fabrics smoother and easier to iron
  2. Protects – Fights bacteria for a “total clean”
  3. Repels – Rinses away dust and dirt that cling to the fabric
  4. Perfumes – Leaves a long-lasting fresh scent.

The Soft N Clean fabric softener comes in Classic Clean Scent and Lilac Fresh Scent. We’ve used both and they make our clothes smell oh so good! Undeniably irresistable to sniff sniff hehe. Moreover, our little one loves to cuddle with my husband and I even more because of the ultra soft feel of our clothes.

Using these products saves us time in washing our clothes as they do the job efficiently and effectively. Ergo, more time for more important things especially for quality time with the family.

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