Humans tend to be superficial. At schools, on social media, and almost everywhere, the pretty faces are the ones who are popular. Actors and actresses have to possess beautiful faces and physique, the talent comes secondary. Some organizations still look at the physical appearance and prefer to hire those with “pleasing” look than those with talent, will and good character.

On the other hand, people see the rich as untouchable, people look up to them, and treat them with more respect compared to others.

Why do you think there’s Blind audition in one particular TV singing competition (The Voice)? That is to give equal chances to people regardless of how they look, their age, race, gender, income, state in life, etc.

We should live by this:
Admire a person not for her beauty but for her kindness.
Look up to a person not for her riches but for the lives she’s touched.

These are the things I teach my kid at her early age.
I don’t want her to be superficial, I want her to grow up and look at the person’s heart, because God sees the heart and not the face.

I don’t teach her the words ugly (pangit), skinny (payat), fat (taba), etc. My kid knows that every person is beautiful because of his/her uniqueness and heart.

What you see physically, and the physical riches or wealth should not define how you see a person. Let me end this by asking you a question: How do you treat a street sweeper and a CEO?


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