Town Malls are relatively smaller malls, thus, we’d think that there would be limited facilities and outlets. This specific town mall, though, has a breastfeeding station. And if you are a breastfeeding mama, you just get this electrifying feeling when you see one.

I was actually quite surprised when I found this. We go to this town mall, Robinsons Town Mall Malabon, every week, sometimes twice a week, to buy groceries and other needs but we had no idea that this relaxing nursing room exists. I usually just feed Olivia before leaving the parking lot.


It is not spacious but it has this cool and relaxing ambiance.

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But of course, a comfy chair

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It is actually cold inside. I love the temperature there and just makes me want to stay there while the husband does the grocery shopping hehe


The lighting sets the mood and gives a sophisticated touch.


It’s just so good to know that more and more establishments, even those you thought of not having one, actually dedicates a space for us nursing/expressing moms. On behalf of all breastfeeding pinays, breastfeeding mamas, thank you to all these establishments who support and promote breastfeeding! 🙂




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