Top 10 Sexy Things About Men

It seems that everywhere you look nowadays, piles and piles of people are just throwing stones at men, right, left and center. It’s not cool, because there are so many sexy things about men that are being ignored. There are tons of sexy things about men, so I contacted a real expert – Alex Wise, a marriage and relationship counselor from Loveawake dating site who will only spoil you folks with the top 10 sexy things about men.

 Simple thought process

While women psychoanalyze every move anyone makes (sometimes it’s just the way she said hello), guys are straight up, simple and make their point in about 6 words or less. There’s no need for all the extra filler that chicks tend to use when discussing things as simple as a hug.

Guys don’t bother with all the unnecessary adjectives and descriptions. And I, for one, find that incredibly sexy.

Graying hair

While graying hair on a woman does nothing but make her look like a geezer, guys who have salt and pepper hair look like they’re refined and know all that’s needed to know about the world.

To see a little gray hair blending in with his dark hair serves as a reminder that this sexy man has done what was needed and is now aging like some fine wine.

Day-old stubble

Although it doesn’t feel incredibly sexy when rubbing up against our cheeks, to see a little day-old stubble on their faces is one of the sexiest things about men.

Maybe he just didn’t have time to shave, or maybe he lets it come in because women tend to notice him more. Whatever the case, it’s easy to get a little turned on when we spot a man whose 5 o’clock shadow gets an overnighter.

Musky scent

Ah, nothing compares to the natural, clean smell of a man. No, I’m not talking about the cologne he puts on; I’m referring to his natural, musky scent – the one that releases all those yummy, yummy pheromones.

The reason I fell in love with one of my boyfriend’s was because the smell of his body just turned me on to no end. And when a woman finds that kind of chemistry with a man, you can bet that she won’t let it get away easily.

Laugh lines

Often referred to as “crow’s feet” on women, seeing those beautiful wrinkles on the sides of a man’s eyes just screams a happy past and a great life. I can’t tell you how many times I kiss this area of my man’s face a day.

Laugh lines don’t just signify that a man has been smiling a lot throughout his life; it signifies that he knows how to have a good time. Okay, perhaps not all the time, but more often than not, when I spot a date with deep grooves on the corners of his eyes, I know I’m going to have fun with him.


Not all men have this innate quality, but the ones who do are just so incredibly sexy, it positively radiates from them. I once dated a gentleman who was so soft and caring, but when I heard him delegating tasks to his subordinates on the phone, I would feel a little tingle down there.

There’s something about a man who knows how to take charge that makes a woman feel safe and secure.

They’re protective

Speaking of safe and secure, when a man makes it his sworn duty to protect a woman from all danger, and is even willing to spill a little blood to ensure it, any and every woman will orgasm that much quicker in bed.

Not only does he protect his woman from physical harm; he makes sure that no one hurts her emotionally to the best of his ability. At the end of the day, this sexy man just wants to protect her from harm of any kind.


He wears the pants, he makes the important decisions and he ravishes her in bed. The sexy man knows that his woman wants a man who takes control in all the ways that really matter.

He’s a man’s man and doesn’t have a problem throwing his weight around when the need calls for it. Ah, the alpha male is alive and well.

Body hair

Okay, so a carpet on his back isn’t exactly what I’m referring to here; but a little chest hair and tiger line are just what the doctor ordered. There’s something so comforting about running my fingers through a man’s chest hair as I make my way down to show him my appreciation for having him in my presence.

Comfortably naked

Nothing turns a woman on more than a man who is so incredibly comfortable in his own skin that he has no problem wandering around her place buck naked.

This doesn’t limit itself to being naked; the fact that he is not insecure or unsure about himself makes any man incredibly sexy.

More sexy things about men

There are so many sexy things about men, but these are the 10 that likely matter most. And while some women may disagree about the hair thing or the laugh lines, at the end of the day, I think all women can agree that there are a host of things that make men sexy.

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