Third Prime Mom Club | Summer Workshop for Moms

The third installment of Prime Mom Club workshop happened on April 13, 2019 at Wack Wack Golf and Country Club. The event was attended by moms, mommy bloggers, Mega executives, and was facilitated by Teacher Celine Cornejo.

Like the past two workshops by Mega Prime, this summer workshop was filled with learnings and fun.

We, mommas, simply wear lots of hats in a day, yes? We are teachers to our kids, their personal home cooks, their psychologists, driver and so on.

Now, how do we really do our jobs as moms? It is always nice to hear other moms’ experiences in their parenting journey, and we’d always end up learn a thing or two from them.

This is one of the many objectives of the third Prime Mom Club workshop – to enable moms to share their experiences with other moms – without judgement.

Raising kids and honing their skills is one of our biggest concerns as parents. Now, panelists Celebrity Chef Rosebud Benitez-Velasco, mommy bloggers Ginger Arboleda and Denise Rayala, and Teacher Celine Cornejo shared their insights on how to raise their kids and make learning fun for them, especially this summer.

Aside from this, tips in the kitchen were also shared with the help of Center for Culinary Arts (CCA). An activity was prepared for the attendees to promote mom and child bonding in the kitchen. CCA taught us how to make sweet coolers to beat the scorching heat this summer.

Recipes include some of Mega Prime’s products – Nata de Coco and Kernel Corn for Mocha Jelly and Overnight Oats, respectively. It’s actually quite easy, even made easier using Masflex kitchenware, Mega Prime’s (kitchenware) partner.

Mega Prime envisions to be moms’ steady partner in and out of the kitchen. The brand aims to make things easier for moms, as our everyday lives are already filled with chores, workload, and responsibilities.

Moreover, summer workshops aren’t just for kids, they can be for moms, too. As per Mega Global Corporation’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Marvin Tiu Lim, moms can take advantage of Prime Mom Club workshop to learn new skills that include cooking and activity tips that they can bond over with their kids.

We’ve always been using Mega Prime products such as their mushrooms (whole, and pieces & stems), kernel corn (we’d mix this with melted butter and top with cheese powder. Yum! We also use this for mixed vegetables), and green peas.

Canned fruits, garbanzos, and sweet preserves are also some of Mega Prime’s products. In addition, the brand now offers Oyster sauce, Sweet Chili sauce, and Vermicelli noodles.

As always, each can passes through careful quality control. Ingredients are of high quality and processed to preserve the authenticity of their flavors.

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