We’ve launched this blog on March 2017.

On that same month, we only had 1,300+ site visits and 900+ unique visitors.

While for the whole month of April, we had 29,791 site visits.

As of April 30th, our visits summed up to 31,159.

I know it’s nothing compared to the other blogs, but as a newbie, I think that this is relatively high. So, thank you, THANK YOU to all our readers. Words cannot express how grateful we are.

We are also well aware that there’s still a lot to improve on and we’re absolutely open to new ideas. We continue to learn everyday with your suggestions sent on our email. We get elated every time we see your hello’s. Once again, thank you.


This blog is open for collaborations, sponsorships, product and service reviews.

You may reach us at admin@mommydiaries.co


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