A breastfeeding mom is proud being one. The act of breastfeeding is beautiful and wonderful so, please, don’t you dare piss her off with insensitive words or questions. Here are ten lines you shall never say to a breastfeeding mama:

1. “Your boobs are small, are you producing enough milk?”

-Oh no. Don’t you dare insult the size of her ta-ta. The milk she produces does not depend on the size of her breasts.

2. “Until when do you plan to breastfeed your kid?”

-She will breastfeed her kid until she can, until she wants. It is simply just not up to you.

3. “Can you please cover up?”

-No. The answer is no. If she or her kid does not want to, do not ask her to. Have you ever tried eating in a dark place or with a blanket over your head?


4. “Oh. You are looking for a breastfeeding room? There’s none, you can use the bathroom instead.”

-You don’t eat where you sh*t and neither does her baby.

5. “Why are you still breastfeeding her? Isn’t she too old already?”

-No. No. No. Again, a breastfeeding mama can nurse her kid as long as they both want. Your opinion does not matter at all.

6. “Are you comfort nursing her? You should not.”

-If her kid needs the boob, she will offer it to her little one, anytime, anywhere, regardless if she won’t catch up on her sleep. Babies need their moms to take care of them and to make them feel secured. If breastfed babies are sick, not feeling well or just wanted to feel secured, their moms will always give what they give what they need and want.


7. “Are you trying to save up by breastfeeding instead of buying infant formula?”

-No. Moms breastfeed their kids because they are aware of its endless benefits to both the mom and baby.


8. “Your kid is small/thin/tiny etc. because you are breastfeeding him/her. You need to give him/her infant formula.”

-No. She does not need to give her kid supplementary formula. Her kid is healthy and one of the breastfeeding benefits is her kid is not prone to obesity. Besides, her little one’s current size does not correlate with her size in the future.

9. “Why don’t you let the kid drink from the bottle, it’s the natural way.”

-Absolutely incorrect. Nature designed us to breastfeed our offsprings and it is what these moms are doing.

10. “Do you do anything aside from breastfeeding?”

-No. The kid can take care of herself, bathe on her own, wipe her poop alone, and yeah, the house cleans itself, too. So, no. *Insert sarcasm*

These questions/unsolicited advice and comments are indeed insulting to a breastfeeding mom. These lines are big no-no’s so, please, just don’t.


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