We, breastfeeding moms, support each other. When we see one in person, it seems like we get a connection in an instant. It’s like a sisterhood.

Since we share the same job (breastfeeding), there are things that only we can understand.

1. Your OOTD has to be accessible. No matter how fashionista you are, the number one thing that you’ll consider when choosing what to wear is it’s accessibility. Dress with no buttons or zipper? Nope. See you when I stop breastfeeding.

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2. Some are excited to see their kid’s first tooth, but not us. Baby’s teeth feel like razors. And no, you do not want razors on your breasts. Lucky me, my baby is 11 months and no sign of a single tooth yet.

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3. Leaking boobs. Yup. We all know this. Didn’t know that nursing pads would come in handy.

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4. Baby finally slept through the night? Finally a good night’s sleep but when you wake up in the morning, you’ll realize that your breasts are hard as rock.

5. Okay. So baby didn’t sleep through the night. S/he woke up for night feedings. But when you woke up in the morning, you saw one boob is bigger than the other. Oopppsie. Forgot to switch sides.

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6. You are obsessed with food that can boost your supply. Oats, fenugreek, malunggay (moringa oleifera) etc.

7. You figured out that you can eat, too, while your baby eats – and you become creative with it

8. Extra clingy. Babies are clingy but breastfed babies are extra clingy. Mine wanted to be held all the time. She also doesn’t want to lose sight of mommy.

9. When you are out, whether you breastfeed with or without a cover on, the first thing you’ll look for is a breastfeeding section. Who says no to sitting on a comfortable couch while nursing the little one?

10. You cry over spilled milk (if you are an expresser or a pumper). It is in fact liquid gold and every ounce matters. Every ounce you make is important and spilling a couple ounces will surely make you cry.


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