One of the most influential family in the Philippines. Dubbed as the Philippines’ social media’s 1st family. Their facebook page have over 8 million likes and north of 140 thousand YouTube subscribers. None other than the Team Kramer.

They have a lot of endorsements (the whole family, members or a member of the family) and to name a few are – Tempra, Isuzu MU-X, Nesfruta, Del, Elica, L’Oreal, Red Ribbon, Pascual Yogurt, Lysol, Strepsils, Robby Rabbit, Moringa O2, Oro China and MetroDental.

The pillars of the family, Cheska Garcia-Kramer who has been in the show business since she was a kid and Doug Kramer, a professional basketball player, have raised three gorgeous kids – Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin (7, 5 and 3 respectively).

These kids sure have captured our hearts with their adorable photos and videos being uploaded online.

Millions and millions of people admire their family. These same people are hoping to see and meet them in person. I, too, wanted the same thing. Well, it’s a no-brainer, who doesn’t want to?

Guess what? This fan mommy right here met them just the other week. I was watching my cousin’s game (JC Intal) with my baby, husband and in-laws in Araneta. I even jokingly told my husband that I’d faint when I see Bianca Gonzalez, Lucia and the Kramers (I wasn’t able to see ate B and Lucia, though). Doug Kramer and kuya JC Intal are both playing for Phoenix so one would really expect that their better halves and kids will be there to watch the game.

Then, just a few minutes in of the first quarter, my husband pointed Cheska and her kids. Ayy grabe my excitement. During the half time break, I hurriedly went to their seat and asked for Cheska’s permission to have a photo taken with the kids. She was busy buying snacks that time, so we didn’t have a photo with Gavin and her. On the other hand, Scarlett and Kendra talked to me and Olivia while my husband took our picture. We then proceeded back to our seats. I thought, “Ay bitin. I still wanted to chat with them”


Few minutes later, Olivia got hungry. We headed to the wash room as the coliseum doesn’t have any breastfeeding station. I know, I know. I shouldn’t have done that but I had no choice. I wasn’t comfortable to breastfeed her on my seat.

Upon arriving in the wash room, grabe, to my surprise, Cheska was there. I said hi and introduced myself and my daughter. She walked towards us and chatted with us. She was so friendly, very down to Earth and super gorgeous. She’s way way prettier in person. I was too shy that time, that I thought I was already wasting her time but no, she was very accommodating and she keeps on talking about my baby. She even made me use the cubicle that went vacant despite me asking her to go first.

I, then, went in and breastfed Olivia. When she unlatched, I went out of the cubicle and rocked her (we were still inside of the washroom) to sleep. While I was swaying her, Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin came in. I said hi and we started chatting again. They played with Olivia, tickled her, and made her laugh for about 5 minutes. I still couldn’t believe that these kids played with my own kid (unfortunately, I didn’t have my phone with me that time, I wasn’t able to capture the moment and no selfie with cheska and the three kids together)

Now, why am I blogging about this? Is it because I’m a huge fan? Partly. But the main reason is I am amazed by how Cheska and Doug brought up their kids. My experience only suggests that they have done a great job in upbringing them.

If you’ve been following them on their social media accounts, then, you are most likely aware how devoted they are to Jesus. It’s safe to say that this is the reason why their family’s got a good heart. They didn’t let fame and stardom get in their heads. They act as if they aren’t aware how famous they are (sad to say, others do act as if they’re above everybody else).

Just like the humility of Mary and Jesus. One particular scenario that I love from the Bible was when Mary visited Elizabeth despite knowing that the child she’s carrying is a King – Jesus.

This wonderful family applies the Bible’s lessons to their everyday lives. No hypocrisy. They teach their kids the way Jesus had lived.

They truly are good role models. No wonder why blessings keep on coming their way.


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