Does having tattoo mean that you are a bad person?

Have you walked in a place and all eyes were suddenly on you (not on a positive note) and giving you “the stare”. Like they saw an alien or a criminal. Seems like you are doing a walk of shame. Well, if you are a tattooed guy/gal, I am pretty sure you have experienced this not only once.

They automatically assume that that person is a convict, drug addict, bad influence or a bad person. Especially those “conservative” people. Plot twist, tattoo has been a practice thousands of years ago, dates back more than 3000 BC ago.

Does having tattoo mean that you are a rebel or a bad person?

I, myself, have tattoos. I have two of them and that doesn’t make me a bad person. In fact, it symbolizes something. Something deep.

I have the initials of my parents and siblings inked and the other symbolizes my faith. I’ve had them even before I met my husband and I have plans of getting two more after Olivia weans off from breastfeeding. I plan to have something that would symbolize her and my husband.

My husband has a lot of tattoos, too. 7 in particular. He’s an artist for a start. And, I assure you, he is one of the most sincere person you will ever meet. He can be as soft as a mamon, too. His friends have a lot of them, too and they are some of the most trustworthy people I have ever met.

They are the kindest people that I know, people who are sensitive not only with their feelings but with the feelings of people around them as well. They are the type of people who’s really fun to be with and people who are not judgmental.

Ironically, those people who judge us, are often the meanest. I am not generalizing (well, it sounds like I kind of did)  Erase, erase.

Oh well, my point is, we are humans with good heart. As said, “do not judge a book by its cover”.  Do not do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you. Do not judge us because we dont judge you.

Stop stereotyping. No to tattoo shaming.


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