Olivia is now officially a year old! (whoa) Ever since she hit the one year mark, a lot has changed about her. She became a lot more malikot, she now does a lot more tricks, her language skills has developed big time, she eats more now, nurses longer and she became extra sweeter.

Speaking of sweet, her birthday celebration became a lot sweeter because of the sweets we had that very special day. Aside from the candies in the loot bags, we had a very cute jungle-themed cake (thank you to her mamita, Kaye and ninong Nat for gifting this)

Made by Ms. Luisa Lapira of Luisa’s cakes

Ms. Luisa did a great job and had exceeded our expectations with the output. I simply asked her to make it pink and jungle-themed and TA-DA she did her magic.

Here are some of the cakes she made from the past.

Fantastic work, indeed. Plus, Luisa’s cakes are one of the most affordable you can find in the market.

For more of her work, visit Luisa’s Cakes on FB


Now, for the party favors, we had chocolate chip cookies in a jar all baked by my baby’s ti-nang, Caca of Sweets trEAT. Our guests absolutely loved them. They were even asking for more hehe

She also makes ENORMOUS chocolate and red velvet crinkles

Look at how huge it is. Ten peso coin for scale

For orders, please visit Sweets trEAT on FB


Those are the sweets we had during Olivia’s birthday party. As mentioned earlier, ever since she turned one, she nurses longer, thus, the need for me to keep my milk supply up.

And I am just so glad that mommy Sweet of Sweet’s surprise had introduced me to lactation goodies.

These lactation cookies and brownies are just oohhh so yummy! Seriously, even my husband, Daddy Diaries, munched on them.

I even had to tell him that he’s going to produce milk if he eats more than one just so he won’t eat more haha.

A box contains a dozen. Mommy Sweet also sent this mother nurture drink along with it.

She personally consumes three, but I was able to eat six in one day. Please don’t judge me, they are just too irresistible haha 

For more of her goodies, kindly visit Sweet’s surprise on IG


Who doesn’t love sweets?  Ahhh! sweet tooth haha. Now, I am on a hunt for more sweets.



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