Super 8 Funfest 2019 | And Exclusive Interview with CEO Mr. Alvin Lim

As a mom, we would save every single peso that we can – be it with electricity, tuition fee, clothes, toiletries, groceries and other necessities. That’s the reason why the words “discounts”, “sale”, “buy 1, take 1”, “raffle” and such make us happy. Agree? He he

We always check if mas makaka-mura ba tayo dun o dito?

A big fraction of Filipino moms go to Super 8 grocery warehouse because they’re bagsak presyo.

It is undeniable that they’ve got the lowest prices. Still skeptical? Let me share you this fact, 50% of their customers are end consumers, while the other 50% are resellers or sari-sari store owners- hence, the low priced products. Super 8 prices are marked down because half of their customers, the resellers, would still have to sell the products at SRP (suggested retail price).

Super 8 values their customers so much, and Mr. Alvin Lim, CEO of Super 8, aims to grow the livelihood of their wholesalers. Come their sari-sari stores grow, they’d be buying more from Super 8. More sales for both parties, win-win!

In line with valuing customers and retention, Super 8 launched their Negosyo card yesterday, April 11. The said card enables patrons to avail exclusive reseller promos, and earn 2% rebates which they can use again to purchase goods from Super 8. Say for instance, a Super 8 customer spent 5,000 pesos, they would be getting a rebate worth 100 pesos which they can use to buy more goods from Super 8.

Super 8 with Mr. Dominic Ochoa

Super 8 also offers FREE grocery delivery on purchases over 5,000 pesos. And when they say free, it is free. No delivery charge, no concierge fee.

On top of that, Super 8 grocery warehouse has got a lot of ongoing promos and raffles for their patrons. These programs change every 2 weeks, so yes, there are winners almost every week.



This is an ongoing fair from the said grocery warehouse chain. It’s filled with booths from different brands such as Tide, Johnson’s, Palmolive, Great Taste, Nissin, C2, Philusa, Jack N Jill, Universal Robina, Mamy Poko, Pepsi, Selecta, Ariel, Del Monte, Oishi, Colgate, Super 8 Great Buy, and tons more! Products from the said brands are discounted na, discounted pa. So can you just imagine how bagsak the presyo is?

Celebrities Jericho Rosales, Vhong Navarro and KC Concepcion will be gracing the Super 8 Funfest with their appearances, too.

Can this get any more excited? One lucky shopper will also get to take home a brand new Toyota Avanza on April 13.

With Mr. Alvin Lim – CEO of Super 8, and Mr. Armand Mendoza – Business Group Director

We were invited to visit the grand funfest yesterday, afterwards, we were able to sit down with Mr. Alvin Lim and ask a few set of questions.

“You have always been planning ahead for Super 8, you started out with 7 stores (on 2006), now you have 76. What is your plan or where do you see Super 8 in a few years time?” we asked.

Mr. Alvin Lim answered, in 2 years, there would be 100 Super 8 stores and they’d be going ASEAN.

Moreover, they are looking at other opportunities that they can explore, they envisioned to diversity for Super 8 just like Amazon. Amazon used to sell books, now they’re into grocery delivery as well. Wow! Just wow! That’s how they plan for the future, to adapt to this ever-changing world of ours and meet the market’s needs and wants.


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