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Spaghetti sauce perfect for kids’ palate | Purefoods Slow-cooked Spaghetti Sauce w/ the #1 TJ Hotdog

As a work from home mom, there are indeed numerous perks. However, there are times when you can’t separate work from home. Hence, it can be challenging, at times, to juggle motherhood, being a “teacher” to my kid in our “homeschool”, household chores, work, and attending to the one who need the most supervision – the husband haha.

Above all these, it is adamant that I prepare them nutritious and yummy food. Especially nowadays when they are locked in at home. Preparing them something that they like and crave for seem to have a magical effect and make them miss less going out and dining out.

Cooking food is also one of our family’s favorite bonding time. In fact, helping out in the kitchen is part of our homeschool curriculum so that the kiddo will learn life skills, develop a sense of responsibility and it’s also a very fun bonding time. It may sometimes be messy (okay, fine, most of the times haha) but they are learning and they get to keep those moments in their memory boxes and will help build their characters.

Our family, especially this little one love to eat spaghetti. Once or twice a week, they will request for this specific dish. Good thing, I have this new found friend, Purefoods Slow-cooked Spaghetti Sauce w/ the #1 TJ Hotdog. It’s all-in-one spaghetti sauce and I need not to buy separate ingredients at a time, as it already has ground meat, thick and flavorful sauce and with the kids’ number one favorite – the best-tasting Tender Juicy hotdog.

Just look at Olivia’s expression, she can’t contain how happy she is, her cravings satisfied, the taste is perfectly tailored to the kids’ palate – well not just the kids’, but the Filipinos’ in general. I love the perfectly balanced tamis-asim taste of the Purefoods Slow-cooked Spaghetti Sauce w/ the #1 TJ Hotdog its meatiness, flavors and spices exploding in my mouth, gahh! So yummy!

Needless to say, it just takes 10 minutes to cook. And you know us moms, we love everything that makes our life and chores more convenient. Can you imagine, you can cook you family’s favorite in just 10 minutes?

After taking the spag sauce out from the freezer, we just have to thaw it and after that, heat up in the microwave or pan. Ta-da, serve it on top of pasta and enjoy!

I’d hundred percent recommend Purefoods Slow-cooked Spaghetti Sauce w/ the #1 TJ Hotdog to my fellow momCs, dadsCs and inaanakCs.

Purefoods Slow-cooked Spaghetti Sauce w/ the #1 TJ Hotdog is available in leading supermarkets and online via San Miguel The Mall (

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