Let’s face it, we are in a world where almost everything is digital. Our lives even, almost revolves around social media. We check, update and browse Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. In the morning, afternoon and evening, whenever we are free, whenever we need a past time, etc. 

We tend to compare ourselves and our lives with our “friends” and people we follow on these platforms. “Oh! Look at her new Kelly bag”, “I love her Balenciaga shoes!”, “They’re out of the country again? They were just in Maldives last week, now, they’re in Italy?”, “He/she is so famous, s/he’s got like a hundred thousand likes on this photo alone!” and ultimately, “They look so happy”

Listen to this carefully…. DO NOT LET SOCIAL MEDIA FOOL YOU…

I watched this Black Mirror episode on Netflix, wherein people in the near future each have corresponding ratings. People are being rated by numbers by the people they encounter. The happier you are, the better the rating. 

The elite class have ratings of 4.6 and above. The higher the rating, the better opportunities for jobs, services, etc. 

Now, that can be compared to as how we see the “likes” and “followers” in our social media accounts. We think that the more of them, the better and happier we are in life. 

Plot twist, those in the elite class with 4.6 ratings and up (in the show) are the ones who aren’t really happy. Yes, they have the material things, but they are so worried with keeping up their stats, they tend to oversee what really makes them happy.

Now, back to reality, these people on social media that we see as “perfect with perfect lives”, more often than not, they are the ones who hide pain. They project only a fraction of what their lives are about. Social media is just the tip of the iceberg of people’s lives. We post and share what we want others to see.

Sometimes, social media is toxic (not being a hypocrite here cause social media is a big part of my job). Social media is toxic | Don’t let it fool youo not compare your lives to others. Trust me, you’d be happier. 

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  1. Sabi nga nila Love your own!!
    Own life, own, husband, own kids, oen family… Kasi hindi ntn alam kng ano nha ba buhay meron sila. What we see is never what we gets!!
    And for order to really enjoy our life lets stop comparing and start appreciating..

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