We, mommies, are in charge of budgeting. Believe it or not, most mommies are “kuripot” because we wanted to save up more money as much as possible. Every peso we save means a lot.

I, myself, never completely understood the word “budget” until I became a mom. I remember, when I was young, I would ask my mom why does she keep on comparing the prices of certain goods and she would go for the cheapest one. Now, I understand why. Because, I do it, too. Come on. We, mommies, have to budget everything from groceries to baby needs to savings to  electricity to water to emergency funds to luxury and so on.

So, here are the tell-tale that you are one “kuripot” mommy


  1. When looking for something at a store, the first thing you would ask the sales person is “ano yung pinaka-mura niyong……?”

2. You compute. You wanted to make sure that you won’t be going over your allotted budget. Plus plus plus it is!

3. You have a Master’s degree in haggling. My mom has a PhD on this. I learned how to haggle from the best haggler that I know haha

4. When something catches your eye, the first thing you check is the price tag before you inspect the item and drool over it. You do this to save yourself from heartache rather than falling in love with the item and eventually finding out that it’s expensive, that, is really heartbreaking haha

Look at my face behind the clothes after I found out that the clothes in that store are expensive haha

5.When dining out, you take all the left-overs out. There was this one time when I asked to take out everything, including the sisig that’s only about 1 tbsp haha. No regrets, though.

6. You are resourceful. You would opt for DIY instead of buying the expensive stuff. I love DIY toys as sophisticated toys can be really expensive and as we know kids, they get bored with toys easily.

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7.You look for “Buy 1, Take 1” Oh geez! we all know how these words make our eyes sparkle. Haha.

8.When there’s Buy 1, Take 1, of course, you also look for this magical word, “FREE”. When an item is bundled with a FREE item, you would tend to buy that instead.

9.When looking for something, you would canvass every single outlet that has the same item you are looking for until you find which store sells the cheapest. You don’t mind whether you’d be walking a couple of blocks, what matters is you save the most number of peso.

10. When you’re out, you place your extra money separately from the money you allot spending on that day. You place it specifically in a different area in your wallet or purse.

Being a kuripot mommy also means that you are practical. But of course, we are kuripot but we do not compromise our family. Do you have anything else to add? Comment below 🙂

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  1. Relate ako sa lahat! Hahaha..
    Sometimes, ayaw ko si hubby mamili (he’s always in downtown area for work) because he didn’t mind for the price.

    Ako gusto ko mamili ng gatas ni baby sa drugstore na may suki points kasi magagamit ko yung points pangbili sa next purchase. Hahaha!

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