One of our favorite clothing line, Baby Dolls Couture, recently launched their new collection. New clothing designs, costumes, and a baby doll in a bag that can go twinning with your kid’s outfit. Here’s a glimpse of the new designs. As usual, they are just too lovely and fashionable.

These outfits totally make a statement. Compliments well with the lovely girls.

Sailormoon costumes perfect for Halloween parties
Baby Dolls Couture’s own, pretty girl Harmony
And of course, my own doll, Olivia
Twinning outfits for mom and daughter. Just look how sophisticated these are
Twinning siblings

Not only mom and daughter can go twinning, or siblings, but your little gal can also go twinning with a personalized doll. Now, that’s a game changer and makes everything even cuter

All these are hand made with love by the lovely, Ms. Olivia and designed by her daughter, Ms. Nadine.

To learn more about Baby Dolls Couture

and how they started, click here

For orders, please visit their Instagram @babydollscouture

*****All photos are from Baby Dolls Couture and used with their permission*****

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