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When I was a kid, I remember my mom would always say stuff such as “Ciara, please put this back”, “Ciara, this is not where this should be” or “Ciara, clean this up”

She keeps on repeating and repeating these phrases until I do what I was asked to.

I was naive, then. I didn’t understand why she has to keep on repeating herself. Until I became a mom. I realized that things should be placed according to their designated place or else, the house would be a mess. When you’re a mom, you definitely do not want this kind of eye sore.

Organization and storage are two of a mom’s top concerns in her home. Especially if the space is limited. You wanted to maximize the space so the home would always look clean and fresh.

Photo Credits – Asiaco

As much as possible, I look for new stuff in the market that would make our home organized be it the bedroom, kitchen, dining, living room or bathroom.

Speaking of bathroom, have you ever bathed a baby/toddler? The fact that they’re fragile when newborn and would not stay put when they’re a little older, makes you come up with hacks to make bathing easier. And when bath time is over, it usually is a concern to have someone hand you the towel.

But now, we have Rosette Italia Double Layer Towel Rack (a product of Asiaco). It functions as a luxurious looking towel rack. It’s actually all purpose, it can be used for plates, glasses, cups, saucer, spoon and fork.

Premium quality

It is stainless so it won’t get rusty over time. Have you seen racks that are coated with white paint that would chip off and rust in weeks time? Thus, you eventually would have to buy a new one again. You would actually end up spending more money.

But with Asiaco, you are assured that their products are of top-notch quality, won’t rust and would last for years. To top it off, they are luxurious looking. The quality does not affect its aesthetics.

Rosette Italia Double Layer Towel Rack can be hung. Initially, we hung it in our bathroom but since it just looks so luxurious, I decided to put it on the counter beside our bathroom sink.

It’s just such an eye candy and it is the perfect spot where I could see it more. Plus, it is where I bathe my toddler. And when bath time is over, I can easily grab the towel. Perfect solution for organizing our bathroom essentials.

Asiaco is in fact a genius in home organizing. They are the best provider of home organizing solutions in the country for more  than 30 years. As of now Asiaco has 109 outlets nationwide.

The Company is well-known for having pioneered the fabrication and introduction to the local market of pull-out kitchen wire baskets and accessories. And of course, just like their other products, these come in high-end type.

Photo Credits – Asiaco
Photo Credits – Asiaco

Their products extend to free standing modular kitchen cabinet, wardrobe organizer and space saving furniture such as the coffee table that can be transformed to a dining table, side lift table, and the one I’ve been eyeing on, their beds, my personal favourite is the lift-up bed. Clothes, books and toys can be placed inside. Perfect for moms/dads with kids. We all know how challenging it is to clean up and store their toys. With these  innovative products, our lives would definitely be easier. Life changing, indeed.

Photo Credits – Asiaco

Asiaco products are available at Ace Hardware, Wilcon Builders, CW Home Depot, Handyman, All Home Depot, Robinson’s Builders  and more. For more info, please visit their website at





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