In light of the recent tragic incident at Resorts World Manila, it is found that the gunman was a gambler at the said casino.

He was in fact a regular player. He lost a lot of money. Millions. The reason why he decided to break into the casino armed.

As the news states, the gunman’s purpose was just to steal money from the casino and he did not intend to kill nor hurt somebody. I am not in any way taking sides here. And I really really truly am sorry for those who lost their lives and for their bereaved families and friends. However, I would just like to shed some light (to the non-gamblers especially) how it really feels when you get addicted to casinos.

As mentioned on my previous blog post, How to beat the casino, I stated there how it is when you lose and when you win.

When you win, the greediness in you will strike and you’d want more.

On the other hand, if you lose, you would be so eager to win back all the money you’ve lost, to get back at that slot machine or dealer that took your money.  You’ll be stressed out until it gets the best of you. You start to stop thinking logically until you slowly lose your sanity. It really does.

Let me give you a clearer hypothetical scenario (step by step)  when you gamble in the casino. Again, this is hypothetical but this is what would most likely happen to a gambler. Let us just name the gambler in this example as Juan.

  1. Juan goes to the casino
  2. Juan wins
  3. Juan goes back the next day
  4. Juan loses
  5. Juan withdraws money from the ATM
  6. Juan loses that money, too. He’s definitely stressed out and starts to curse.
  7. Juan uses his credit card to loan some money. The casino would give him cash and charge it to Juan’s credit card.
  8. Juan loses. He’s a lot more stressed now.
  9. Juan comes back the next day and is much much eager to get all his money back.
  10. Juan loses. He is really really stressed now. This is definitely leading to depression.
  11. Juan is now so desperate and would gamble his car’s pink slip.
  12. Juan loses. He now feels a different level of depression.
  13. Juan is now very desperate. He is really eager to get all the money he lost.
  14. He emptied his pocket, bank accounts and even mortgaged his properties. But then again, he just lost all of them.
  15. All his hard work, now gone. He’s starting to think that he’s life is a total mess. He’s starting to think about stealing money from the casino. He’s starting to think about committing suicide.
  16. He’s lost his sanity. He’s got a deranged mind now.

That is how it affects one’s brain. That’s why we always keep on hearing these stories about “naghirap dahil sa casino” or “nalugmok dahil sa sugal”

Because these are true. It’s not easy to try putting yourselves on their shoes. But once you experience losing your hard earned money, you’ll get a hold of how it can really affect you psychologically. You would really lose your mind.

That’s why every casino has a reminder that players should play responsibly.


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