I have shared the goodness of M2 Malunggay Concentrated Tea drink with you months ago and its healthy benefits including its power in boosting a breastfeeding mom’s milk supply.

Now, I am going to share a handy and on the go variant of m2.

The ready to drink m2 tea drink. No need to add water. You may drink it directly from the plastic bottle. It contains the 3 nutritional ingredients–malunggay, okra and luya, all packed with vitamins and counts as one portion of your daily vegetable requirement. It’s actually surprisingly delicious, it tastes like gulaman. Best way to serve it is chilled!

The m2 ready to drink tea drink is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it also is a nutritious way to help the body get rid itself of toxins, keep it firm and toned, and boost resistance.

It is the easiest, quickest and most convenient way to get your daily doze of vegetable goodness. This ready-to-drink M2 ice tea not only promises a wealth of health benefits and comes handy in a very compact 300ml bottle, which you can bring anywhere, anytime, and saves you the inconvenience of preparing your own vegetable drink.

You know what’s the perfect snack to pair it with? The salted egg potato chips. Both these two are brought to us by NatureEarth Corp.

M2 ready-to-drink iced tea is sold at P55 in all Robinsons Supermarkets, Andoks Lechon Manok stalls and all authorized distributors nationwide.


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