I woke up with a smile on my face like I usually do. I thanked God for another wonderful day ahead.

Basically, everything was going pretty well until everything seems to get crazy. Olivia was so cranky, she won’t let me put her down and I still got loads of stuff to do. I need to cook food for her and the man-child, answer emails, wash the dishes, and tons more, and I haven’t eaten anything yet (have not even drank my coffee).

Everything else was a mess. I kept on dropping things on the floor, kept on spilling liquids and Olivia’s still crying.

So, yes, everything was a mess.

I, then, uttered “ahhh! Bad day!”

My husband didn’t like what he heard. And asked, “bad day?”

I replied, “Yes. Bad day.” But I am well aware that he’s kind of pissed off with what I said. He doesn’t want negativity in our family.

He then made me realize that we are all well, we are healthy, we have a shelter, decent clothes to cover us up, hence, we are blessed and it is NOT a bad day.

He made me count our family’s blessings. He made me realize that I do not have to sweat over those things.

Come to think of it, it was me, the whole time, who just perceived everything wrongly. There are no bad days. It’s just the way how you see things. The way you act corresponding things happening around you.

I always tell my husband, whenever he’s down, that everything happens for a reason. But what a hypocrite am I? I wasn’t able to apply that kind of perception earlier.

Sure, there are times that things just get the best of you, but, we should always keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and try to remember each and every blessing that you have. Count it, literally. Use your fingers.  If your fingers are not enough, use your toes, too. And you’ll slowly be your old normal self. You’ll start to remember how blessed you are. You’ll start to remember that God loves you. That you are a child of God and He would never never forsake you.

This is applicable for both the petty problem and the big ones. But then again, remember, that everything happens for a reason and God will not give you a problem that you cannot bear. No matter how big your problem is, always always keep in mind that GOD is bigger than your problem.


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