You will never truly understand the value of safety and security until you’ve got a family of your own. You have to protect your home itself, and of course, your little me’s – whether you are at home with them all the time or not.

We have this CCTV that we bought years back but I did not like the quality that much. First, it’s a difficult process to set-up, next, the video quality is mediocre and I cannot link it to my mobile devices.

A week ago, I learned about D-Link HD Wi-Fi Camera. I was already impressed just by reading its specs.

 D-Link HD Wi-Fi camera DCS-936L


  • 720p HD quality video – rich detail and crisp images
  • Sound and Motion detection
  • Wi-Fi Signal LED that guides you where is the best area in your home to place the camera.
  • Night vision – sees up to 16 feet in complete darkness with built in IR LEDs
  • Remote viewing – can view on your iPhone, iPad, android device or Windows phone with mydlink Lite app
  • Local recording – MicroSD slot to record continuously or based on event triggers
  • Simple set-up

 D-Link HD Wi-Fi camera DCS-936L

It’s really super easy to set up. First, you just have to download the app on your gadget (iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows phone)

Just few easy steps. Well, the app will walk you through the step by step process of setting up, but I’ll share the easy peasy setting up process.

Plug the camera, scan the camera’s QR code, connect to Wi-Fi and ta-da. You can now watch from your phone/tablet. No sweat!

 D-Link HD Wi-Fi camera DCS-936L

See, I can watch our living room even when we’re not at home. Gives my husband and I the peace of mind. And unlike traditional cameras, the DCS-936L uses a wide angle lens to give a better view of the whole area. No blind spots.

 D Link HD Wi-Fi camera DCS-936L

Now, here’s my daughter, Olivia. I usually cannot take a bath without my husband at home because he watches over Olivia while I’m in the bathroom, so I end up taking a bath in the evening haha. But now, I can take a bath leisurely because I have eyes on Olivia while doing so. This is an actual footage from Olivia’s playroom, while I was in the bathroom.

 D Link HD Wi-Fi camera DCS-936L

D-Link HD Wi-Fi Camera is great not only for daytime monitoring but even for night time. It has built-in infrared LEDs which allow for viewing of up to 5 metres.

It’s safe to use 24/7, round the clock, day and night, it won’t overheat or anything.

My best-est favorite feature of this camera, it has motion and sound sensor! Whoa! I know, amazing, right?

You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection. Well, we set ours to 50%. And you also choose which part of your home will be under the scope of the motion detection.

As for the sound sensor, you can also adjust it, too.

Whenever the camera detects sounds or motions, it will alert you by sending you an email with snapshots or video clips.

 D Link HD Wi-Fi camera DCS-936L

To top it all off, 4 devices can stream the the camera’s live feed simultaneously.

Peace of mind at its finest! This is probably the best investment for your home’s security. We, parents, can now put our worries to rest with home security and control at their fingertips. Now, my husband is eyeing to get another one for our office.

D-Link HD Wi-Fi DCS-936L camera is priced at PHP 6,430 SRP. Available now in all D-Link Dealers nationwide. For more info, please visit their Facebook page at D-Link Philippines


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