Promama Rock A By Mama | Barbie Almalbis and Aia De Leon

At 4 in the afternoon of May 9th, Rockstar Mommas Aia De Leon of Imago and Barbie Almalbis serenaded Mommy Bloggers at their headquarters, and Lazada patrons who watched their Facebook live.

The aforementioned gorgeous Moms with amazing voices also shared with us their motherhood experiences. We definitely learned a thing or two from them. What struck me the most is when Barbie said that others think that you lose everything when you become a mom, but the thing is, you gain more.

It’s a fact. I definitely agree with Barbie. Others might think that one can lose track of her career come the time that she becomes a mother, but no. The truth is, we gain more – more love, more joy and happiness in life, we gain contentment, we learn how to balance things, and we become even more motivated to learn and pursue our passion.

The awesome Moms sang some of their best hits including my personal favorites – Aia sang Ewan, and Barbie, Just a smile. Grabe, high school feels! haha.

We were singing along with them, and I’m pretty sure, those watching their Facebook live also did.

Not only that, there were irresistible deals at LazMall on that day, specifically on Wyeth’s Promama products. Can you imagine getting Promama products at 10 pesos only!? Yes! 10 pesos only! The very big sale lasted for two hours only, 4pm to 6pm or until supplies lasted.

This is just one of Promama and Lazada’s great deals! Can’t wait for the next one.


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