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Plan the Perfect Caravan Trip Around the UK

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

A caravan trip is a great way to see the beautiful sites of the United Kingdom. Whether you explore the Scottish highlands or the coasts of Cornwall, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, you get to take your hotel with you – saving money and hassle. There’s nothing more exhilarating than setting up camp for the night in a new location. Make some beautiful memories of happy family travel this year with a trip around the UK. Here are some top tips. 

Plan your destinations 
Where you go is entirely up to you, since you’re on the open road! However, in much of the UK, you’ll need to camp in designated camping grounds. The locations are endless, however. If you want a coastal adventure, Dorset and Cornwall are particularly popular. The stunning beaches offer lots of water activities, including surfing, as well as breathtaking coastal walks. The Cairngorms National Park in Scotland is famously beautiful and home to rugged landscapes and wildlife watching opportunities. The coast of Wales is also renowned for its natural beauty and castle lined landscapes, while the Lake District in Northern England is a popular tourist destination with much to do. Take your pick of destinations, then plan your route, picking out camping sites at critical points along the way. 

Choose your camper
You might choose a retro style VW campervan, a motor home, or a full-sized caravan. If you have a family, a caravan is probably a better option, since you’ll have much more space. If you go for this option, you’ll also need a car to tow the caravan. Make sure you understand the process of coupling your tow vehicle and trailer. If you hire the vehicles, ask the dealer to show you plenty of times how to safely attach tow bars. Once you fully understand how to connect and tow the van securely, you’re almost ready to hit the road! 

Get prepared 
Camping is exciting, but there is a lot of planning that goes into a good trip. You’ll need to make sure your caravan is prepared for the road. Ensure you’ve got all the safety essentials, such as a spare tyre, a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, and towing mirrors. You also need a gas bottle and a caravan battery. Before you head out on the road, do all of your safety checks. Make sure your tyres are at the right pressure and that everything is securely fixed. You’re ready for the family adventure of a lifetime! 

What to pack 
It’s a great idea to pack plenty of food for your trip. You’ll likely never be too far from a supermarket, but it can be cheaper to buy in bulk and plan your meals. Plus, that way you get more time to spend exploring! It’s a great idea to bring a foldable table and chairs for outdoor picnics, and you could even bring a paddling pool for the kids to play in at the site. Some campsites will have facilities like swimming pools, so it’s a great idea to come prepared with your swimming gear. 


Featured photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

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