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Got Hella Full HD Driving Video Recorder, Hella Supertone Horn, and Hella Platinum bulbs installed. Gears auto workshop in Banawe did the installation of these car accessories.

Whether we travel alone or with our family, we shall make sure that we travel safely. How? Now with all those Modus Operandi of Bundol, Budol-budol and other tactics to rob and take advantage of us lurking in the streets, a driving video recorder or dashcam is already a necessity. It can also be an evidence in the event of, God forbid, an accident.

The Hella Full HD Driving Video Recorder does not only record what it sees on the road, but it also has a wider scope of view and records everything in HD.

Hella Driving video recorder Hella dashcam
  1. Here’s a list of what I love about Hella Full HD Driving Video Recorder:

-1080P high resolution with 140 degree wide-angle lens
-Night vision
-Parking monitoring mode protects our vehicles at all times
-Powered by a 3D G-Sensor gravity sensor chip. In the event of a collision, the DVR will automatically lock the video footage of the previous 10 seconds and the latter 20 seconds of the accident
-Automatic power-on and video recording function upon start of the vehicle
-Power-saving mode

Next, being heard on the road especially when those buses and trucks won’t (or pretend not to) hear you honking, then, Hella Supertone Horn is what you need.

Hella supertone horn
  1. Hella Supertone Horn

-Has a focused and high penetrating power tone.
-Durable with robust protection against vibration
-Corrosion and water spray resistant

We just got our lights (low beam) changed as it’s very difficult to drive at night, especially now that my husband and I wear glasses already (oh! signs of aging haha). But, still, there are times that our new light bulbs won’t do the job. Having Hella Platinum bulbs give us 100% more light keeping us safe at night

Hella platinum bulbs
  1. Hella Platinum bulbs

-High level of brightness. 100% more light!
-Gives clearer vision, wider field and longer range for SAFETY
-E1 mark certification
-Easy installation, plug and play

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Hella platinum bulbs

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