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People comparing your baby. Things you’ve definitely heard and how you wish you could have responded.

After 9 months of pregnancy, your baby is finally here. Even before giving birth to your precious one, you’ve surely heard a lot of unsolicited comments from others, such as, “you’re tummy is too small/big”, “are you eating too much?”, “you’ve gained a lot of weight”, “you’re a lot bigger now compared to your pre pregnancy body”, “when I was pregnant, my tummy was much bigger/smaller compared to yours”, “when I was pregnant, my skin was radiant”, “when she was pregnant, she can still do this and that”.

You’ve definitely had enough of these and you’d think that you won’t hear any more of these come the time you give birth to your baby. But uh oh! You’ll be hearing a lot more. And I literally mean, A LOT. It seems that those comparison when you were still pregnant was the training ground for you to be numb.

When people see your baby, it seems that something triggers their insensitive brains to comment immediately. Here’s what tops my list and what I would want to say back to them.

1. “Oh. She’s small compared to my/his/her baby”

-Yeah. Her size now doesn’t define how big/small she’ll be when she grows up

2. “When my baby was her age, she already knows how to do this and that”

-I don’t care. Every baby is different.

3. “My baby ate at the age of 4 months”

-4 months??? What a poor baby.. Babies shouldn’t eat anything aside from milk for the first 6 months of life.

4. “My baby crawled at _ months”

-Still don’t give a dang about your baby

5. “She’s not sleep trained yet? You should train her now”

-AAHHHH shut up! Lol

6. “My baby was an ‘easy’ baby compared to yours”

-Every baby is unique and I love my baby no matter what

7. “Does your baby smile? My baby smiles a lot”

-My baby hates your face, that’s why

8. “You are spoiling her. Let her cry it out”

-Oh no. I won’t leave my baby distressed. She’s crying because she needs something and I have got to fulfill that need. You cannot spoil a baby at this age. Don’t worry, I will not let my baby be a brat like yours.

Harsh? Maybe. But Oh, boy! I just hope I can answer them with these. It’s just I still respect them and I probably am sensitive enough to the feelings of others compared to them who are not.

I don’t understand why people have to compare when they, themselves, hate being compared. Yes, it definitely hurts and it pisses me off every time I hear things like these. (if only I could punch them in the face haha just kidding but yeah, it definitely hurts a lot because they are talking about my baby, my most prized, my life)

Why don’t people just let us enjoy our babies? Why don’t they let our babies move at their own pace? Every baby is unique. Every mom is unique. No formula fits all. Their parenting style may be effective for their family but not to mine.

Either way, let us just all enjoy the joys of being a mum and having our most prized in our arms

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