So, your baby is finally here after carrying him/her for 9 months in your womb.

Your world suddenly turned upside down. Your life is just full of color, joy and love. You were able to realize that you are a strong woman. You realize that there are a number of things you can do that you never thought you could.

Your life is just at its happiest and you simply feel complete. Likewise, having a kid means you are never going to do certain things alone (well, not at least they’re old enough) and here’s my top 10 that I am sure a lot of parents can relate to.


  1. You will never pee alone. You will always be followed by that tiny human you made.2. So if there’s peeing, there’s also pooping. You will never poo alone either. Just look at my daughter here. So impatient. She cannot wait for me to finish my business haha3.  You cannot go to the grocery alone, too, and all of a sudden, the diaper aisle became your favorite aisle. Seems like you see it as a designer shop 4. Since you gained a lot of weight from your pregnancy, you would want to shed those pounds off by working out but of course, your tiny human will be in tow 5. You will never eat alone. Especially when dining outside. You will never run out of a date6. Cleaning up the house? Good news! You will never do that alone, too. Even if your kid is still a baby and won’t be of a helping hand yet, well, at least, you are not doing it alone haha7. So, you’ve done all your chores and you are finally trying to relax a bit. Hey, your kid will always be there with you, remember? S/he will never fail to remind you that haha. The moment that you sit comfortably will also be the exact moment that your kid will hurriedly run to you.8. Everybody is on vacation and you have been dreaming of swimming in the pool. Plot twist, you will have to swim in the kiddie pool with your little one. And there, you will always have a swimming buddy. 9. But most of all, you will never sleep alone.10. And you will never wake up alone in the morning,

All of these are what makes me a “mommy” and I will never ever trade any of these for anything in this world. Every moment is precious especially the sleeping and waking up part. Those are definitely one of the best feelings in the world. Snuggling your baby while s/he is asleep and waking up next to him/her.

Do you have something in mind that you wanted to add? Kindly comment it below 🙂


  1. Relate ako sa lahat. Yung baby girl ko ang aga gumising. Favorite part ko yung Saturday tapos i will tell her, “tulog tayo early tonight ha kasi magsisimba tayo bukas. Early tayo gigising”
    Kinabukasan, pag gising niya yung first word lalabas sa bibig niya is “ba!” which means simba! Hehehe.
    Ang sarap sa feeling, tuwang tuwa kami ng husband ko. ☺

  2. Very much true lalo na sa pag pee at pag poo. Nakakaloka. Hahahahahaha! Mahirap iwan ang mga tiny hooman natin lalo na kapag breastfeeding pa sila. Yehey!

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