Last week, I posted a meme on how often do parents clean their home. Well, here it is haha

I know parents can totally relate to this. But what can we do? It’s how kids are. They learn through play. What if I tell you, though, that there is a way where all this toy mess can be lessened? Yes! It is possible with Oribel Vertiplay wall toys.

Oribel Vertiplay wall toys are premium educational toys that stick on vertical surfaces. This way, a unique interactive experience for our kids is created. Plus, toys on the wall also means less clutter on the floor and less clean time for mommy hehe

Oribel Vertiplay wall toys have a lot of developmental benefits for our little ones and each skill they learn is significant for their well-being. Here are the Oribel Vertiplay toys we’ve got to site a few examples of the important skills these toys hone.

  • First off, Oribel Vertiplay Mr. Squirrel’s House. It’s a 6-piece, two layer jigsaw puzzle (3 pieces per layer to solve). This unique jigsaw puzzle kindles the imagination. Each layer tell different story with intricate details to encourage toddlers to observe, count and pick out objects.

Developmental Benefits are: Eye-hand coordination, fine motor skillsm imagination and creativity, and problem solving

  • Next up, Oribel Vertiplay Musical Rail Track, this is Olivia’s favorite as of the moment. This cute magical train teaches our little ones music and entertain themselves with it. Quick trivia, music lights up the whole brain.

This Oribel Xylophone comes with a guide on how to play Baa Baa Baa Sheep. Olivia and I are practicing it. We can also access more tutorial from Oribel’s website. It can also be tuned loosening or tightening the screws on each bar.

Developmental benefits: color awareness, eye-hand coordination, musical awareness

  • Next, Oribel Vertiplay Mystical Aquarium. It’s a jigsaw puzzle, stacking blocks that can be pieced together by color. Can you just imagine how much it hones children’s fine motor skills as they slowly stack these blocks up. Plus, their problem solving skills are undoubtedly being sharpened with this toy. I’m an adult and whenever I try to piece this up, I know for a fact that my brain’s exerting effort hehe

Developmental benefits: eye-hand coordination, problem solving, shape and pattern recognition, and fine motor skills

And ultimately, Oribel Vertiplay Hoppy Bunny and Friends. These are magnetic jigsaw puzzles. There are 4 different animals, each with 2 or 3 piece puzzles to piece together. It’s an interactive jigsaw puzzle that unbolts the little ones’ creativity.

Developmental benefits: Fine motor skills, imagination & creativity, and shape & pattern recognition

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