Breastfeeding has a lot of benefits for both the mom and the baby. Studies show that breastfeeding is best for kids up to 2 years and beyond.

Now, if you breastfeed, you know that you have to feed your child whenever s/he demands regardless where you are. So, when you are out, your OOTD has to be accessible. No matter how fashionista you are, the number one thing that you’ll consider when choosing what to wear is it’s accessibility. Dress with no buttons or zipper? Nope. See you when I stop breastfeeding.

This is when you would really appreciate nursing clothes. Glad that I’ve stumbled upon 4R Sisters Nursing Wear.

4R Sisters Nursing Wear is owned by Razell, a breastfeeding mom. She started this business because, she, herself, has experienced challenges and struggles in breastfeeding both of her daughters. Those challenges didn’t stop her from breastfeeding and now, she sees that through her business, she can help other breastfeeding mamas out there with the vision to normalize breastfeeding as well.

4R Sisters has almost everything that a nursing mama needs. From nursing clothes – dresses, tops, sleep wears, bras to nursing covers, ring slings to silicone teethers – bracelets, clip-ons and necklace.

Some of their nursing clothes come with twinning outfits for the little one
What Im wearing is actually a dress. I just wore it with leggings this time hehe
The material of these clothes are soft and comfy

You know what, I figured out that even when nursing you can also be stylish. With 4R Sisters Nursine Wears, style meets comfort. So, you need not to worry about being “tiis ganda” or being not in style.

This is what my dress was supposed to look like hehe
Maxi dress



Even when you go to bed, you can also look stylish. Plus, when the kiddo demands for his/her milk in the middle of the night, you can effortlessly pull the upper part of your top up.


Yet again, for easy nursing access. Uh! See how they make our lives easier? 🙂


This is a must for me. I never leave the house without a nursing cover



These are food grade, FDA certified, BPA free silicone beads. They are just chunky and chewy and cute. I really find them helpful especially nowadays that Olivia’s finally teething.

I have the silicone necklace and I put it on whenever I nurse Olivia. She gets busy playing with it and doesn’t get startled with every single noise she hears. Plus it also serves as an accessory.

It can hold a pacifier so you won’t have to clean the paci every time your kid drops it.
Teether bracelet


These are just some of the stuff they’ve got. They actually have a lot more designs that you can get to choose from.

And since 4R Sisters’ advocacy is to help and empower moms, they have dedicated a FORUM section on their website.

As they put it, “sharing is caring”, hence, they have added this feature to enable sharing between mothers – to share ideas and insights in the forum.

There are several topics on the said forum such as breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, online shops suggestions and even budgeting and financial management.

I do encourage all mums to join this forum. Besides, no one will understand a mama but another mama, right?

You may visit their website at

Contact numbers: +63995-241-0774 and +63908-513-9418


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