June 19 is Olivia’s birthday and mine’s June 20. And we got to celebrate our birthdays at Novotel Araneta.

First, it is the first Accor Hotel in the Philippines and has opened their gates to the public on 2015.

It is strategically located adjacent the Smart Araneta Coliseum. So, expect that the hotel would be busy when concerts or events are scheduled at the Smart Araneta. Chances are, you might bump on celebrities and big stars.

Novotel is one of the best hotels I’ve stayed at and it’s simply perfect for families. Let me give you a taste of what we have experienced.



You’ll find cozy couches and chairs. That rectangular table is touchscreen loaded with games.

The Front Desk



Since we stayed in an Executive room, we had the privilege to have the check in process at the 24th floor. Guests who’ll be staying in an Executive room may process their check-in and check-out there to avoid long queues at the lobby. Absolute convenience.

Guests booked on Executive floors have access to the Premier lounge and can enjoy all-day refreshments. afternoon tea and pre-dinner cocktails. Guests who prefer privacy may also have their breakfast here.

It has floor to ceiling walls for great view. We definitely enjoyed the 360 degree view of the Metro.
If you wanted to feel the breeze, you may also stay outdoors. Perfect for unwinding. There’s Ms. Angela Silvestre, Digital Marketing Manager, giving us a tour.


Ms. Angela was actually pointing at this magnificent view of the 6th floor pool and bar and the events place which is just perfect for every occasion especially for weddings.
There’s  this Read N Play section for the kids – also located at the Premier lounge.
See how kid friendly the place is? 🙂



Just upon entering the room, you’d immediately fall in love with it. Everything in there is just awesome. The lights, furniture, fixtures, amenities, everything.

Welcome treats. I actually ate almost all of it (Ssshhh hehe)
They have this unique pillow what bends. Can be used as a support on your back when sitting and can be used as a cozy sleeping pillow. Even Olivia loves the headboard and lighting. Makes the room even brighter.
Daddy Diaries and Olivia’s favorite part of the room. They had a lot of bonding moments while watching the busy streets, the MRT, and the lights at night.

The powder room

Complete amenities
Personalized welcome card. PS – Olivia ate the fruits and it’s her first time to eat kiwi
The mini bar. Our room has an espresso machine. I was able to make my own espresso for the first time and it tastes so good. Not my usual 3-in-1 coffee mix haha
And, of course, the cot. They sent us a pink one, well, obviously, because Olivia’s a girl hehe. They also have different colorway for baby boys.

We seriously got attached to our room. It felt like an extension of our home. We saw Olivia crawl around the carpeted room, she and her dada watched the city lights and the traffic in EDSA, they enjoyed the scenic view from our window, we slept soundly and the three of us had a different kind of snuggle time on the bed.



  • GYM

With Ms. Mischa Cruz, In-Balance Wellness Manager. Please excuse what I was wearing. We were about to swim (supposedly. But it rained hehe)

Olivia got really really excited upon entering. She kept on screaming, smiling, laughing, crawling and climbing around.

This section is where kids can tumble around. Everything is just so padded. I didnt have to worry about her bumping her head.

Kids (and adults, too) can play pretend. There’s a kitchen, fire station and a house.
And the ball pit. I think I enjoyed this more than Olivia did haha. I even left my husband and her for a couple of minutes to go in there alone. The balls felt so good on my back.
  • Pool
Would you believe that this haven is located in the city?

Perfect place to unwind from the busy Metro.

We were in the pool area from 9am until around 1030am. The sun was shining so brightly but its feel is not too hot.
The kiddie pool

Aerial view


Food outlets

  • Gourmet Bar

View from my seat. We ate sumptuously and relaxed. We didn’t even get to need of a high chair as Olivia just got to sit beside me on the cozy couch
Scallop and Champagne Veloute. A perfect starter
Foie Gras Praline – Pistachio crusted truffle foie gras praline. I loved this. I am craving RIGHT NOW.
Gambas Al Jillo – Prawns from Roxas, in garlic, bio olive oil, chili and sweet paprika served with garlic bread. I am actually allergic to shimp, but I didnt get a single itch after eating these.
3 Beef Caldereta Sliders – Tender beef (super tender! super yummy!), red onion, gherkins and organic lettuce on pandesal. (I finished all three and ate one of my husband’s haha)
Pizza Lungga Parma Ham Con Rucola E Grana – Mozzarella cheese, parma ham, rocket leaves and permesan flakes. Okay, with all those food served to us, I still managed to eat three slices haha. Yes. I am matakaw! I breastfeed, okay. That’s a valid excuse. I guess? LOL
Black Linguini with Talangka Paste – Homemade black pasta, talangka paste, local farmed rocket and crispy Maya-maya cubes. I love talangka paste. I even craved for it when I was pregnant with Olivia. But I never thought that talangka paste would go perfectly with pasta. It’s spot on.
And, they gave Olivia this. How sweet.


  • Food Exchange Manila

We ate, breakfast and lunch at the Food Exchange. They have a wide variety of food choices. Indian to Chinese to Italian to Japanese to Continental to Filipino and Kapampangan. Yes. You read that right. They are celebrating the Kanyaman Food Festival for the month of June with their celebrity guest Chef, Chef Sau Del Rosario. Food Exchange Manila has a different approach on some food. They think out of the box and would try something new. Something new that you would absolutely love and crave for afterwards. The flavors would just burst in your mouth,


Okay. Now, I’m hungry. It’s not a good idea doing a blog post about food in the middle of the night after all (Paging Daddy Diaries, Im hungry! haha)

I must say, Gourmet Bar is perfect for intimate dinner dates. With it’s ambiance, the lighting, the comfy couch and the food choices. A good meeting spot for business related agendas as well.

Food Exchange, on the other hand, is perfect for friends and families, breakfast, lunch and even dinner dates, too. It’s perfect for, Daddy Diaries and I, too, as we love to pig out hehe. 

You’ll also get to eat a variety of food. You can serve yourself just the right amount of serving.


Overall experience

I am a hotelier by heart. I was molded by living legends in the industry, so I am quite aware how hotels work.

From the front of the house, to the back, all are just so friendly and accommodating. They know their guests by name. I recall my professor in College, he said, that we must know the guests’ names so they’d feel valued. And when they would ask you how you come to know their names, the answer would just be “You are our guest, how can we not know?”

And that’s what Novotel showcases. They wanted their guests to feel valued and be treated with utmost importance.

It’s a great place for business and leisure.

But I must say that it’s perfect for Staycations. We literally just wanted to stay. A perfect getaway from the busy streets of EDSA. Yes, it is nestled in a busy city, but once you’re inside, you’d feel that you are in a completely different place.

My husband even mentioned that outside feels like New York (he hasn’t been there, though hehe) but once you step in the hotel, it just feels like a home away from home.

Plus, it’s super kid-friendly. Absolutely perfect for families.

We have been patrons of several hotels in the Metro and this is the beginning of our patronage to Novotel. We’d definitely go back for more staycations and for the food. And if one of our favorite performers would do a concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, we’d definitely watch and stay in Novotel.







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