Novellino Wines at 20 | How it changed Philippines’ wine drinking culture

Have you ever been told that you cannot be successful at something? Mr. Nonoy Quimbo heard this 20 years ago.

Back then, who would have thought that wine would be a big hit in our country? Filipinos just have no taste for wine 2 decades ago. We are just not accustomed to its taste. I was 8 years old during the time Novellino started, and I can clearly remember that my father and his friends would only drink beer or hard liquor, and the thought of wine means “big time” or just for the upper class of the society.

So, yes, who would have thought that Filipinos would be wine drinkers? This custom was changed by none other than the founder and CEO of Novellino Wines, Mr. Nonoy Quimbo.

He produced wine that fits the Filipino tongue and budget. Novellino Wines really do, I, myself is an avid wine drinker – I drink in the afternoon or in the evening, heck, I could even drink in the morning haha – my tongue is very Pinoy,  and I love the variants of Novellino Wines from the Strawberry Passion (the sweet one) to Rosso Tradizionale (semi-dry one and I love pairing it with steak!)

20 years in the business – Novellino celebrated 20 glorious years last October 8 at Manila House Private Club graced by the Quimbo family, friends – including the richest man in the Philippines, Manny Villar, Novellino executives and media.

From a 300 square meter space in Metro Manila 2 decades ago, Novellino now boasts a wine-making plant seated on a 1.3-hectare land in Canlubang, Laguna. Novellino Wines is an award-winning and leading winery in the Philippine wine market producing millions of bottles of wine per year. The aforementioned plant has a state-of-the-art technology that is future-proofed in the next 5 years, and is even considered as a tough leader in wine production by foreign wineries.

Novellino Wines undoubtedly changed how Filipinos see and consume wine. Nonoy envisions Novellino to become a universal brand name for wines, just like what Coca-Cola did. Surely, this family-owned organization will be in the coming years.

I was literally seated next to Mr. Manny Villar and Mr. Nonoy Quimbo

Personally, I learned a lot from this night. One, never ever listen to what others have to say with your dreams and goals. Two, Nonoy Quimbo said, “your comfort zone is a danger”, and I came to realize, that it is indeed true. We have to get out of our comfort zone to explore what we can offer to others, be beneficial to the society and to ourselves, and to achieve something greater. Ultimately, we can start small and become an empire in the next years or decades to come.

Happy 20th anniversary, Novellino Wines and more and more decades to come!

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