Pregnancy is a sacred thing. Being pregnant is just amazing and wonderful. The fact that a woman is carrying another life inside her is just miraculous. It is indeed a blessing from God. The feeling that there is a heart beating in her womb and a little soul within is just magnificent. Now, what to do or to say to her? Here’s a list of what not and what to:

  1. DO NOT SAY: “Maybe you are having a boy because you look haggard, ‘cause if you’re having a girl, you’ll look fresh and blooming.” – It is commonly thought of that women who carry girls tend to look blooming because the little girls inside them bring more estrogen to their moms. But please, no matter how a pregnant woman looks, don’t dare describe her as haggard, which she will find you calling her “ugly”.


DO SAY: “You are lovely/beautiful/gorgeous.”

  1. DO NOT SAY: “You look like a whale” – Please. This is absolutely a big no-no. No matter how big she looks, the last thing you want to say to her is that she looks like a 1-ton aquatic mammal.


DO SAY: “You never look so beautiful. You are stunning”

  1. DO NOT SAY: “Are you eating again?” – A pregnant woman tends to be hungrier and it may seem that she is hungry all the time, but it is totally normal. Just allow her to indulge. Remember, she has another life inside of her that needs to get a lot of nutrients from her.


DO SAY:  “Do you have any food requests for today? I’ll get you anything that you want”

  1. DO NOT SAY: “May I have the last piece of that cake?” – Again, a preggo tends to be hungrier, and may seem hungry all the time. Ergo, do not eat the last of anything, especially her favorite cake that she’s been craving for.

DO SAY: “That last piece is definitely for you and the baby”

  1. DO NOT SAY: “Your tummy is too big/small” – Please do not give such unsolicited comment to the most sensitive and wonderful women. Every pregnancy and every woman is different and unique. Do not compare her to you, to your friend, sister, neighbor or to anybody.


DO SAY: “Being pregnant is indeed beautiful and sexy.”

Remember to be sensitive to the feelings of these women. A woman’s body is undergoing a major reconstruction and changes during the entire pregnancy. Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride, and things like morning sickness, food aversions, edema, weight of her tummy, back pains and a lot more do not make things easy for her. But regardless, pregnancy journey is just full of excitement, happiness and love.

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