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Nokia 7 Plus Review | Pro Camera mode, 6″ Full HD display, long lasting battery and more!

Nokia has a special place in our hearts. For most of us, it’s part of our childhood. I bet your first phone was Nokia, eh? Mine was a hand me down 3210 from my dad, then 3310, 3315, then a camera phone, 3650, 6610 to N Series, N72, and now, Nokia 7 Plus.

Nokia has always been providing us superior quality phones, needless to say the powerfully built hardware. Now, let’s talk about Nokia 7 Plus.

Here are the things I love about it:

  1. It’s got a 6” widescreen full HD display perfect for gaming, streaming Netflix, YouTube videos, and browsing the social media.
  2. Long-lasting battery life made possible with its 3800 mAh. It can even last up to 1 and a half days.
  3. It has Nokia’s flagship lens, the Zeiss optics that captures everything clearly and vividly. Front camera has 16 megapixels, while the rear camera has 13 megapixels. Here’s a thing you should know when buying a phone, more camera megapixels isn’t always better. The formula for fascinating photos is the entire camera module – the optics, size and material of the camera lens, light sensor, and image processing hardware. And Nokia 7 Plus has got all those.
  4. It has dual-LED dual-tone flash that adjusts accordingly.
  5. It has active noise cancellation all made possible with the phone’s three microphones. What does it mean? It means that the sounds it records on videos is at the loudest where you point the camera. On my Instagram stories, when I record a video of my kid, you’ll hear her voice the loudest, and since I am holding the camera from behind, my voice sounds far. Amazing right? No annoying loud sounds from the background when recording a video.
  6. Aesthetic appeal. It has ceramic-feel coating and subtle curves providing a sophisticated look and a great grip.
  7. Camera has Pro mode that allows you to adjust the camera manually just like a DSLR.

    Pro Camera mode
  8. Bothie feature making use of both the front and the rear camera simultaneously for photo and video. It also gives you the option of streaming your bothie video live on your Facebook or YouTube account. Click here to watch a sample of a Bothie video
  9. HDR support for photos, and UHD 4K resolution for videos.
  10. User friendly, one of Nokia’s trademark ever since.
    Front camera
    Indoor setting using front camera
    Indoor setting using rear camera

    Live Bokeh

Bottom line, Nokia 7 Plus is a friend I can rely on. It makes my product shots, landscape, selfie and bothie amazing just like using a professional camera. Not to mention, my Instagram feed is a lot better now. Also, it’s a life saver (undoubtedly). It saves me from boredom when caught in heavy traffic (I would just watch Netflix or play mobile games), and I can rely on it during emergencies or power outages thanks to its powerful long lasting battery.

Nokia 7 Plus is nothing less than an amazing phone. It’s a flagship phone that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.





  1. I still use my very antique Nokia Lumia 630 because I can’t let it go yet. Iba talaga kapag Zeiss lens! I still prefer Nokia talaga for my next phone because it’s user-friendly, durable (Almost a hundred times nang nabagsak ang Nokia phone ko ni Bunso pero wala pang scratches, basag na screen, or naging problema.)By the way, how much is Nokia 7? Thanks!

  2. I’m in a dilemma of what phone to buy this Christmas (my iPhone surrendered after 3 years) but I think I’ll add Nokia 7 Plus in my options. Thanks Ciara! Great post!

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