Rainy season is upon us. What better things to do with the family than Netflix-in’ plus fun activities with the family. Seriously, rainy days make me lazy. Aha! Bisto haha. This past two weeks, I’ve been unproductive most of the days haha I was just enjoying the cold weather and watching Netflix (instead of working lol)

So, when you can’t go out and play outside with the kids, you can bond over playing together, drawing, painting while streaming your favorite shows and movies ♥

Well, it was my turn to choose the show the other night. And since I’m into action, thriller and mind boggling movie, I chose Arq. Arq stars Robbie Amell and Rachael Taylor

Aside from the episodes of Netflix original series Black Mirror, Arq probably is the most mind-boggling movie I’ve seen in my life. Arq is about a couple trapped in a lab with masked intruders. But that’s not just it, they are stuck in a time loop. No, it’s not like Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow or Leonardo DiCaprio’s Inception. Arq has  a unique story line with LOTS of twists!


You’d think you’ve figured the story out, but no, there would always be twist after twist after twist.

There are no dull moments or irrelevant scene, in fact, the transition of scenes is smooth. This fast paced film will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s just so intense and the director successfully made us feel that we’re part of the movie.

Questions you’ll think of while watching the movie:

1. What causes the time loop?

2. Does he/she know about the time loop?

3. Who is the real enemy?

4. Who’s side am I going to take?

5. How to stop the loop?

6. Are they gonna escape?

7. What the f!?

It really is just mind boggling! Tony Elliot, the writer and producer did an amazing (amazing is understatement) job!

After the film, my husband and I were like “What the!?” Yet again, another awesome movie by Netflix.



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