Asia Pop Comic-con is scheduled on July 27th to 29th this year of 2018 at SMX Convention Center. The three day event, where Netflix is a co-creator, offers spectacular and immersive activities, lots of things to see, lots of things to do.

As part of Netflix’s Stream Team, we got to experience advance and exclusive access to the immersive Netflix AsiaPop Comic-con. This year, Netflix has returned to outdo itself with memorable experiences that are bigger, larger and more impressive than ever before! What can we say, guys? It’s Netflix! Netflix experiences which are usually the best of the best – even at Comicon.

There are life-size replicas of sets from shows like Marvel’s Iron Fist, Riverdale and Stranger Things. Super impressive booths by Netflix featuring tattoo parlour, activities for the whole family, where you can get to punch Iron Fist walls that lights up when punched, get a memorabilia video at the video (photo) booth with Iron Fist theme, watch Josie and the Pussycat dolls at Pop’s choclit shoppe, get your picture taken wearing Riverale High’s varsity jacket (like the one Archie always wears) or the iconic Southside Serpeant leather jacket.

Gang members from Iron Fist play at AsiaPop Comic-con 2018

There’s even a play in Iron Fist’s set, where gang members and Danny Rand fight. The gang members talk to the audience where you’d feel you’re part of the acting. So cool!

Event goers also get the opportunity to meet the stars of Luke Cage, Iron Fist and more!

There are lots of artists, cosplayers including the renowned Vera Chimera, lots of toys and collectibles including Pop toys and die-cast. The die-cast toys are outstanding, very detailed to bits.

Treat your family to a magical and extraordinary family weekend with Netlfix. With Netflix, there is always
something for everybody. From the Iron Fist tattoo parlour to the Stranger Things feature,
there are a ton of activities that the whole family can experience together. Make sure you don’t miss this!

Ticket prices are P650 for 1-day pass; P950 for 2-day pass; P1150 3-day pass; Child pass: Free for 5yo and below.


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