Negative Effects of Excessive Use of Gadgets and Why Kids Need Actual Play

Babad ba ang anak mo sa cellphone o tablet?

Aside from the higher probability of developing a vision problem, there are more negative impacts of excessive gadget usage on children.

  1. Shorter attention span – Kids could develop problems in paying attention.
  2. Learning problems – Studies show excessive use of gadgets can cause cognitive delays and impaired learning.
  1. Speech delay – When you let the gadgets babysit your kid, they fail to have actual conversation. Communication with parents and people around the child enables them to develop their language and express their thoughts.
  1. Childhood depression – Too much use of gadgets can also be linked to childhood depression.
  1. No or less socialization – Children who use gadget too often have lesser time to socialize with people around. Remember, one of the basic human needs is socialization.


  1. Lesser screen time or none at all.
  2. More actual play.
  3. More time to play with others.
  4. More actual conversation and interaction with parents, playmates, and people around.
  5. Let them be kids and explore the world.


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