These past few weeks, I mentioned in my previous posts on Instagram that my back’s been aching. Probably because of my scoliosis and muscle tension from carrying Olivia.

My world has never been this fast paced until I became a mom. We have to go here and there for client meetings, deliveries, events, etc. And Olivia is always in tow, because we do not have a helper and she’s still exclusively breastfed to date. So can you just imagine how tired my body is hehe

Metro Manila is such a busy place and people would often want a place to ease their tension and relax. So, immersing in a good massage and rejuvenating spa sessions is considered a privilege. Well, for me, it’s a luxury haha. The only place where I used to get a massage ever since I becaame a mom is at kids’ play area where there are these massage chairs (‘yung tig be-bente haha)

Last week, I went for a massage at Naya Boutique Spa. I tagged along my in-laws and they both each had 60min Swedish Massage and 30min Foot Refloxology, this service costs 525 pesos only. While I, on the other hand, had Naya Signature Thermal Massage.

Upon entering the establishment, you’d be greeted by a tranquil ambiance, dim lights, comfy couch and interiors.

They washed my feet before heading to the massage area. It definitely kicks off the relaxing services they provide.

I never had a professional massage in a spa until last week. We used to have a home service masseuse and that was at least 5 years ago haha. My experience at Naya was definitely a lot more relaxing and easing. The therapist is professional, she definitely hits the aching spot and eases each pain. My back, limbs, hands, feet, fingers, toes and head had an ample amount of time each being massaged.

I mentioned to the therapist that I am suffering from scoliosis and she did exactly what needs to be done. She carefully avoided my spine and hit the muscles around it that’s causing me pain.

The price is also affordable. You’d even think, “Ay, mura pala” because of the service they offer. The quality of service they give is more than what you pay for.

We had our massage at the common area. But common doesn’t mean others will get to see you. See, they value the customer’s privacy and it’s another thing I love about them.

There is one big room, sub-divided by curtains and drapes, so, it’s just you and the therapist.

If you’re a female, you’ll get a female masseuse, and if you’re a male, you’ll get a male masseuse.

These photos above are Naya Boutique Spa’s VIP room. The VIP room also has its own washroom and shower.

Naya Boutique Spa offers facial and body scrub, traditional massage treatments and nail care. But since I’m a sucker for relaxation now, I chose to have massage hehe

Julie Magno, one of the owners of Naya Boutique Spa, brings a diverse experience of pampering by launching their online store via She provides an uplifting experience for her clients even if they are not physically present at the spa. She believes that pampering should be available anytime, anywhere.

To keep up to date, visit their website or follow them on their social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram @nayaboutiquespa.

Naya Boutique Spa is located at 128 Malakas Street, Brgy. Central Disrict, Diliman Quezon City, Philippines. Here’s Mommy Diaries’ quick tip, please book an appointment a day before you visit so you can secure your slot. They tend to have a number of customers.  

And oh, they have this promo during weekdays,  you can get 60 min classic massage at 349 pesos only during weekdays, 1pm to 7pm. Visit now to #rejuvenatefromskintosoul.


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