I have been drinking coffee since I was seven. Coffee was introduced to me by my aunt whom I called nanay. I have spent a lot of my childhood days in her home and everyone in there are coffee lovers. Hence, the start of my love for coffee.

Coffee has been an integral part of the human race’s everyday lives for the longest time that dates back centuries ago (circa 11th century during its discovery). People fell in love with it and has been the favorite drink of the society since then.

As for me, it has been part of my breakfast since I was seven. I grew up drinking coffee. I drink coffee when I’m happy, I drink when I’m sad, I drink when I think, I drink when I work, I drink when I’m bored, I drink when I relax, I drink when I’m busy, I drink when I’m socializing. Ultimately, it has been my partner all throughout the different chapters of my life and during the times that I needed one.

It was my partner during college when there were lots of paper works, activities and requirements needed to be done. It was my partner when I needed to stay up for an all-nighter exam reviews. It was my partner when I needed to be up for work especially during graveyard shift. It was my partner when I needed to sort things out for my wedding especially as we were approaching the big day. It was with me when I had to stay up all night at our factory.

It’s been my partner for almost two decades now. Little did I know, that I’d be needing coffee the most come the time that I’d become a mom. Being a mother is the most fulfilling job yet the toughest one, too. For all those who don’t know, I take care personally of my toddler, we have no yaya. The reason why I have to take her with me everywhere I go.

I have to juggle everything, from blogging to taking care of our business to being a wife, being a mom and everything in between. Being a mom is not a 9-5 job. You have to wake up even before everyone does. You prepare everything for the family, start doing chores, serve the family when they wake up, and the list goes on (it actually really never ends hehe)

Basically, my normal day would be, waking up early in the morning, prepare food for my kid and the husband, feed my kid, give her a bath, clean up the house, wash the dishes, leave for client meetings, pick up materials from suppliers, deliver outputs (take note, we do not have a driver, so my husband and I take turns in driving and entertaining our toddler at the back seat), go to blogging events, do blog posts, and of course, attend to the needs of my husband and kid. I am like a hilong talilong. Literally, I only get to rest when my family’s asleep and everything else is done.

So, coffee really is a need for me. Everyone who knows me know how much coffee I drink a day. I drink 3 mugs a day (not cups, but mugs hehe). Aside from the fact that I am an ultimate coffee lover, I also cannot function properly without it.

It is what kicks off my day. I would have breakfast in the morning but often, just as like most Filipinos, coffee alone is enough to jump start my day especially like the ones who are always on the go.

I am proud to share to you, my partner or karamay sa buhay, Nash Coffee. Nash Coffee comes in Aroma, Brown and White coffee.

There are a lot of coffee brands in the market, so what separates Nash coffee apart from the others?

First, Nash Coffee is now more. Nash Aroma Coffee is 30% more, Nash Brown Coffee is 40% more and Nash White Coffee is 50% more. Meaning, we can have a mug-full of coffee or use one sachet for two cups. More tastier. More Creamier.

Second, it is pure Filipino. So, Nash Coffee helps Filipinos in a number of ways.

Third, its variants. Nash brown coffee is a 3-in-1 coffee mix with non dairy creamer and brown sugar. The sweetness and coffee taste are balanced perfectly that would definitely  give you the best brown coffee experience. Next, Nash Coffee aroma, it is the original variant that also has non dairy creamer. Nash Aroma has the perfect proportioned coffee, sugar and creamer and gives you that quick punch to kick off your morning or to keep you awake for an all-nighter. And my personal MOST favorite amongst the three, Nash white coffee that comes with non dairy creamer and white sugar. It has this perfect kind of sweetness that would satisfy your sweet tooth. Perfect for dessert or for any time of the day. Nash Coffee has these variants tailored for the Filipinos’ taste. We surely have great Nash coffee choices for any time of the day. Nash marami, Nash masarap.

Fourth, The price. Nash coffee is the product with superb quality that is in consumers’ reach. Nash aroma costs PHP 4.50 only, Nash brown coffee costs PHP 4.75, and Nash white coffee, PHP 5.00. Super yummy na, super affordable pa.

Fifth, the taste. It is tailored to meet the Filipinos’ taste. I would say, “amoy pa lang ulam na” Nash coffee’s aroma (all of its variants) is just too irresistible and enticing and, “amoy pa lang nakakagising na”. So, can you just imagine how it would taste? Undoubtedly A-OK.

Too good to be true, right? But these are true. These are the reasons why Nash Coffee is definitely competitive not only in the Filipino Market but even in Asian countries.

We attended Nash Coffee’s product re-launch on August 12 at Brentwood Suites. It was attended by TV media, bloggers, VIP’s of Nash Coffee and Symply G, celebrities and TV personalities. Hosted by the gorgeous Nash Coffee and Symply G’s celebrity endorser, Dianne Medina.

Dianne Medina is a very busy woman. She’s a TV host, event host, model, actress with several TV and movie projects. With all these work load, she only manages to get a max of 3 hours of sleep a day. How does she do it? With the help of her karamay, Nash Coffee.

On that day alone, Dianne graced us not only with her presence as the brand ambassador and event host, but she also performed an outstanding dance number to open the re-launch. Plus, she headed to her movie premier right after the event. Talk about being a career woman 🙂

Celebrity couple, RR Enriquez and JJ Helterbrand also attest to the goodness of Nash. RR is quite busy with her business. She admits that she doesn’t drink coffee before until she tasted Nash. She fell in love with it. Basketball player, the renowned PBA’s The Fast, JJ Helterbrand, on the other hand, also drinks Nash and helps him keep up with his busy lifestyle.

There were also games and a segment where we were able to address our questions to Mr. Erelon Ongcoy, Mr. Gem Encarnacion and Mr. Glenn Allen Sy.

I am pretty sure that the whole organization of Nash Coffee are busy with their everyday lives, but they face each and every morning with a game face on because they have their everyday karamay, Nash Coffee.

With Dianne Medina
With Nash Coffee’s president, Mr. Glenn Allen Sy

I gave my mom, siblings, in-laws, cousins, aunts and uncles Nash coffee and they all loved it. We all drink coffee in the morning, after meals, for snack or merienda and during our bonding and conversations. Plus we get to choose different Nash Coffee flavor every single time. I, personally, would drink Nash Aroma or Nash Brown in the morning, then followed by Nash White or Nash brown in the afternoon, and Nash White in the evening.

Before I end this blog post, kindly watch this video.There are times that we would feel really tired – physically tired and sometimes, even mentally. We needed something that would make our mornings great. We needed something that would make us ready for another busy day, another day of hustle and bustle. These are the things we do for our career, our family, our passion and to live. Thus, having our karamay coffee makes everything better. Iba talaga ang Nash. Nash marami na, Nash masarap pa. NASH maganda ang umaga pag NASH ang kasama.

I hope that through this video, you were able to see and feel the message that I cannot put into words. Words cannot express how Nash coffee makes my everyday life complete and great. For happy mornings and even at my lowest, I have something to turn on to.

Nash Coffee is now available in supermarkets, groceries and sari-sari stores nationwide.

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