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Pope Francis or as we, Filipinos, call him, Lolo Kiko came to the Philippines on 2015 and he was truly loved by the Filipinos. My husband and I were blessed to see him twice during his visit. The first time was up close. His convoy passed in front of us, literally feet away. And I cried, I cried spiritual tears. He was like a living saint.

Not only Filipinos adore and love him but everyone else around the globe. With that being said, Indochine Media Philippines proudly announces the launch of My Pope, the country’s first culture changer magazine that is entirely dedicated to being the monthly source of inspiration for readers from all walks of life.

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The special launch issue celebrates the lifestyle and values of our beloved Pope Francis. Take a peek into his living quarters, and discover a more private side of his personality in an exclusive interview with his niece. On the local front, the magazine is filled with stories that highlight encouraging developments in the lives of our fellow Filipinos—positive and game-changing Filipinos whose values and actions reflect the same ones Lolo Kiko stands for. Sections will feature good news, inspiring stories, traditions, arts & crafts, everyday heroes and much more. And as Pope Francis always emphasizes the importance of community, My Pope will also include the miracles—both big and small—that readers have experienced in their own lives.

©My Pope Philippines

“There is absolutely no doubt that Filipinos love Lolo Kiko, as his brand of love, leadership, and openness is something that Pinoys of all walks of life gravitate towards regardless of religious background. As such, we felt it was high time that we launched this title in the Philippines! Just like Pope Francis, the magazine will be fun, friendly, and informative, serving as a breath for fresh air in these hectic and stressful times. After reading My Pope, readers will see things in a more positive light, helping them to feel that the world is a better place, that they want to be better persons, and—thanks to the pages of the magazine that are filled with tips and concrete advice—they will know how to make this happen. We truly look forward to being our reader’s monthly source of inspiration” – emphasized by the Editor-in-Chief, Tata Mapa.

“Wherever you are, there is My Pope magazine near you. Available in over 4,000 distribution points, one can easily get a dose of inspiration 24/7 in all National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Powerbooks, 7 Eleven stores and other leading bookstores, newsstands and supermarkets nationwide. Also, subscribing is so easy, and copies of My Pope will be delivered for free to our valued readers” – announced by Rina Lareza, Distribution Director.

My Pope Philippines, will be available on newsstands every month starting September 20. Expect a fun, friendly, and positive glossy with an easy-to-read, colorful, and engaging layout, as well as moving photographic images.

My Pope magazine is available for only 85 pesos per copy.

My Pope will soon be available on the website, In the meantime, readers will have easy access to My Pope Philippines via all social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

My Pope is an adapted version of Italian magazine Il Mio Papa, a successful weekly magazine launched in Italy by its largest media holding company, Mondadori. The magazine was successfully launched in Italy in March 2014, with a print run of 3 million copies for its first issue. After its outstanding success, the magazine was launched in Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Austria.


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