Mother’s day well spent | Andok’s Hour Mama

Computers, cellphones, tablets, all our gadgets and the internet undeniably gives us tons of convenience and keeps us connected with people. However, when we’re at home or when we are with our family, we should minimize using them to enable us to have meaningful conversations and quality moments with them. Afterall, it is us who our kids need.

 We have always been advocating to spend time with our family because time flies so fast and there is nothing we can do to change that. The only thing we could do is to seize and cherish every moment with our kids, with our family – with our loved ones.


Yesterday was Mother’s day and we spent it well at Andok’s Makati Ave. The day was all about Andok’s campaign to having quality time with our family, and it is called, Hour Mama. At exactly 12nn, the Wi-Fi became Wa-Fi. They turned the Wi-Fi off including the signal in the area, so nobody could use even mobile data hehe.


As my husband and I say it, we have to disconnect to connect. Disconnect from gadgets and connect to the people who matters to us the most.

Even if it was just an hour, it was undoubtedly an hour of real connection with our family. We talked to each other, told stories, and made up stories with our little one (which is one of her favorite things to do with us), munched on Andok’s litson manok and liempo, we played and we laughed hard. Now, that’s real bonding.


As a parent, the best thing I could give to my kid is not the most expensive toy nor the most expensive trip, but my time – my undivided time. This is also applicable to everyone else. Nothing else will matter if we don’t utilize them with our kids.

Now, as a daughter, we make sure that we get to see our parents once a week. They, too, are not getting any younger, and the truth is, we do not know how much time they have left in this World, hence we better spend time with them as much as we can.

So, together with Andok’s, we are calling out to everybody to allot one hour a day for our family. An #HourMama a day for our kids and/or our parents.

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