As moms, we want to protect our families ALL. THE. TIME. One of our major concerns is keeping them safe from mosquitoes. We use a lot of things just to get rid of those pesky insects – some use mosquito repellent lotion, stickers, scents and lamps. Well, there’s this amazing insect trap from Hanns Philippines.

Hanns Advance Indoor

How does it work? Hanns insect trap uses a UV lamp that attracts insects. The lamp produces 360-400nm. Once the insect enters the unit, the fan then sucks the insects down into the trap. The fan acts like a vacuum sipping the insects in. Then, the insect trapped in the storage box, won’t be able to go out and will perish due to dehydration.

The things we love about Hanns insect trap:

  1. It is odor-free – Safe to use even with babies and kids around. Doesn’t produce a burnt smell unlike the mosquito killers that electrocutes the mosquitoes to get rid of them.
  2. Low energy consumption
  3. Used by professionals
  4. Traps other insects like moths.
  5. Easy set-up – Just plug directly with 220-240V, rotate the handle to turn on until it clicks and ta-da it will work automatically. Rotate clockwise to turn it off.

Place Hanns insect trap 0.8 to 1.2m away from other light sources to avoid interference. Regular price is 1899, but it’s now in sale at 1,520 pesos.

I have the Hanns Advance Indoor, but we also use it outdoor and it’s as effective as it is indoor.

Next up, HannsGuard Dehumidifier. It purifies and freshens air. It has odor-eliminating charcoal. This is very timely as we are renovating and re-painting our home. It really helps in eliminating the bad odor. The other one, I put in our car. It keeps our car fresh and banishes the smell of food. Price is 84.75 pesos.

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