I’ve recently finished a series where Molly Parker portrays a strong fearless woman, a rocket scientist, a mom with 3 kids who’d do everything to keep them safe and give them the best in life. I’m talking about Molly’s character, Maureen Robinson from Netflix’s Lost In Space.

Lost In Space is a fast paced, family and Sci-Fi series. No dull scene. Each scene is carefully planned. The transition of events is smooth. The graphics is stunning. The acting skills of the actors and actresses portray great acting skills, which is a no surprise with Netflix.


The Robinson family stars the series – Maureen Robinson (the mom), John Robinson (the dad), Penny, Will and Judy Robinson (the offsprings). Just like every family, the Robinsons have issues and difficulties and that includes the fact that they’re stuck on an alien planet. The series shows how a family can work together to resolve problems that seem to never end (there’s always a problem over another), but they always find a way as Robinsons always stick together!

I want to be like Maureen Robinson of Lost In Space, a great mom (except that I cannot design a Jupiter to keep my kids safe and Im not good with math and all haha). I am trying to. My husband says I am doing good at it and he agrees with what’s written on this sash – Chief Family Officer.

But you know what, I wont be able to be THAT without him. Because, we both run this family. We work hand in hand to make our marriage and family work. He guides me, supports me, he understands me, he comforts me when Im down, he hugs me when I need one and he gives me strength when Im weak.

I won’t be the woman, wife and mom that I am today if it wasn’t for him. He is John Robinson and Im Maureen Robinson. And just like the Robinsons, we Magallaneses stick together.

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