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Mommy problem: Stinky clothes! | We found the solution to be #GermProtektado

As a mom, there are a lot of things to worry about, such as, “Am I preparing healthy and balanced diet for my kids?”, “Am I helping my kids achieve their optimum potential?”, “Is the house clean enough?”, “Are their clothes germ-free?”

Seriously, these are just some of a mom’s concerns on a daily basis. Fortunately, I am able to address one of these recently.

My family, especially my husband and kid are both very active. We love to play outdoors, explore, run, get messy, thus, our bodies are producing odor-causing germs. Consequently, our clothes would smell really stinky.

No matter how much laundry detergent I put when washing our clothes, same problem would still occur day after day. But that didn’t last too long as I have discovered Downy Antibac with Safeguard. And then, I gave it a try.

After washing our clothes with laundry detergent, I soaked them in water with Downy Antibac.

The result? Did it make our clothes smell fresh? *drum roll* This is heaven sent!

Downy Antibac has a mild kapit-bango scent that does not sting. Our family stays fresh all day long now. No matter how sweaty we get, our clothes remain so pleasant to the nose hehe.

Downy Antibac with Safeguard offers 99.9% percent germ protection, so, this is the reason why we are #germprotektado all day long. Moreover, our clothes feel softer.

Now I know why my mom’s been using Downy since I was a kid.

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