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Do you still remember how boring science classes were? Well I do. I was definitely not interested to Einstein’s theories, molecules, atoms, DNA, evolution of man, invention of things and doing experiments in the lab . Nope. I didn’t listen to my teachers back in high school (sorry po, teachers hehe). Well that explains why I had summer classes to make up for my failing grades during my first and second year in high school.

It was only during my college days when I had the interest in learning such stuff. I read books and watched informative videos.

How I wish that there’s something that made learning interesting.

And yes, there is – The Mind Museum

We had the privilege of having a tour inside the interactive museum.

The Mind Museum sits on a 12,500 sqm prime lot in BGC. It opened its gates to the public on March 2012. It is the first world-class Science museum in the Philippines.

The museum is a 1 billion peso project and fully funded by private sponsors.

It’s a 2-storey museum and a park outside called Science-in-the-park

The museum is divided into sections. The following can be found on the first floor: 10 most beautiful experiments, Hall of Philippine Science, Universe Gallery, Earth Gallery, Atom Gallery and Life Gallery.

Upon entering the museum, you will be greeted by Aedi. A talking robot. Aedi gives an introduction about the museum.
The universe gallery. My favorite part of the museum
You can teach your kids (and show them) the life span of a star with those balls and lights behind my husband and daughter. You can switch them on or off while explaining the phases of a star’s life.


Our Solar System. Kids can turn the crank and see how fast or slow a planet moves around the sun.


Aaahh! The theory of relativity. This explains the movie Interstellar hehe


And for those who don’t believe in Aliens. Here’s an equation for you 🙂
I encouraged Olivia to push buttons while we were in there. On this picture, she’s learning the different phases of the moon. There’s a structural model of moon in front of us and the light changes by pressing buttons. A fun way for kids to learn new moon, crescent, full moon, etc.


You can watch an informative 3D show inside. My Olivia’s first movie experience.


Scale model of the robotic units NASA has on the moon



From Universe gallery to Earth Gallery


I’d like you to meet Stan. Stan the t-rex.



These are REAL DINO BONE FOSSILS! OMG! still couldn’t contain my excitement. We were able to see and touch these! These lived here on earth millions and millions of years ago.

Even my husband touched to poop fossils. Well, he’s a dino-addict to begin with. He really loves dinosaurs since he’s 3. He knows how to identify each dinosaur. I must say, this is his favorite part of the museum. We stayed here for about 30 minutes just appreciating the fossils.

The Mind Museum also has an interactive way of explaining why the sky is blue, eruption of a volcano, formation of a tornado, magnitudes of earthquake and how mountains form to name a few.

The Life Gallery
As always. she listened attentively while I explain to her the evolution of man



We went inside this cave like Earth sensory. There are a lot of sensory bottles inside (did I mention that I love making sensory bottles? I was able to get a couple of ideas here) from snowy to autumn to ocean waves.


One of the sensory bottles.
We then headed to the atom gallery


After sweeping the first floor, we then proceeded to the second floor. The second floor is all about how things work, how things were invented, technology and the mind of a teenager.



Everything in the mind museum is interactive. Truly a fun way of learning. Kids learn best when they are playing and that’s what they’ll do in this museum. They can touch things and explore. They’ll get to get a better grasp of learning things. Everything made enjoyable for them. Not only for the kids but for adults as well.

I must say that this is the best way to learn. You immerse your self.Kids get to develop their imagination, creativity, cognitive, gross motor and fine skills.


We were in the museum for 3 hours. But it felt bitin. There are a lot of stuff to explore, read and learn.

My tips:

  1. Wear a comfy pair of shoes. You will be doing a lot of standing and walking.
  2. Read read read. Read everything you find interesting.
  3. Follow their footpath stops so you won’t miss anything.
  4. Watch the videos they project and on their designated film screening.
  5. Take your time and appreciate everything.


Hands down to The Mind Museum. Truly a world-class Science museum. But you know what completed our tour to the museum? Their breastfeeding station. Ahhh! A piece of heaven for us breastfeeding moms. Having a tour in the museum is too tiring (but fun) and a breastfeeding station to nurse the little one comfortably is indeed a haven for nursing mamas. Thank you, The Mind Museum for giving this to us.

For more info, visit their website at




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